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  1. AjaKun

    Mother's Day

    I know it's getting buried in the E3 coverage - but there's a pretty sweet review written by my mom that we posted on Mother's Day - check it out here:
  2. AjaKun

    Howdy from E3

    Hi everyone! Just thought I'd check in and say hi. I've stopped looking around completely awestruck for about 2 seconds to check my emails and have a look at the site and thought that I'd say hi to all of you at home! We're having a great time at E3 and seeing some amazing stuff. Plans for...
  3. AjaKun

    ? Strange increase in forum postings...

    I just thought I'd note that there has been a strange increase in the amount of incredibly silly forum postings over the last couple of days... I wonder why that is? ;)
  4. AjaKun

    Petz Rock!!!

    So, I just lost my first battle with my pet cat, Fishy. But Stan is going down, my friends... he's going down. I'm already posting more than him to get points in the bank, and when the juice is mine, he's toast! Ok, so maybe I'm getting into it a little much. Anyway, I can't wait to see...
  5. AjaKun

    Happy Birthday to the Newbie!

    I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to one of our new staff members, Dan (aka aseverwas)! It's great to have you around and happy birthday dude!