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  1. kurruption

    Kurruption was here

    Wow I haven't been here since February of 09 according to this thing, well hope everyone's doing good!
  2. kurruption

    Kurruptions Gaming Roundtable Discussions

    In an effort to revive the forums for the upteenth time *Stan how many is that?*, we have ourselves a new spin to an old classic. Once a week someone should toss in a subject, preferably gamingwise, and we all break out into an argument like we always do. There are some rules though. 1. No...
  3. kurruption

    20 GB ps3 discontinued

    Okay so the 20 GB ps3's are officially discontinued so now you have to pay $600 for a ps3, no $500 option now. Bad move by Sony? Is the ps3 committing hardware suicide like the Dreamcast for not having a DVD player built in?
  4. kurruption

    Kurruptions Xbox list

    Advent Rising Breakdown Brute Force Call of Duty: Finest Hour Dai Senryaku Chronicles of Riddick Dead or Alive 3 Dead or Alive Ultimate Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball Forza Motorsports "F**K Gran Turismo" Full Spectrum Warrior Half Life 2 I-Ninja Indigo Prophecy Jade...
  5. kurruption

    Kurruptions gamecube list

    Animal Crossing Fire Emblem Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Legend of Zelda WInd Waker Metroid Prime Resident Evil Skies of Arcadia Legends Soul Calibur II Super Mario Sunshine Super Monkey Ball Super Monkey Ball 2 Tales of Symphonia Ultimate Spiderman That's what I currently own...
  6. kurruption

    add to kurruptions list

    Ok the ps2 is on the verge of going the way of the dodo, so that means cheap current gen games. After my horrible experience with my snes and psx games during the end of their respective generations, you know "Oh I have a psx now, I don't need these snes games anymore, I don't think I'll play...
  7. kurruption

    White Knight Story

    Honestly I was going to pick up a wii and 360 due to the fact that it would be as much as a ps3, but after watching this trailer, if this is out on launch day, well screw that
  8. kurruption

    Login problems

    Anyone having problems logging in? I needed to try it literally about 10 times before I was logged in. The funny thing is the first time I try it, it shows me logged in the users profile yet I can't post or anything. Just making sure I'm not the only one
  9. kurruption

    360 contest

    anybody else think this new xbox 360 contest is going to cause the same kind of craze that the petz game did? Question though, this contest is for everybody that posts? minus the staff of course. Or only for new members? Stan I need a 360, come on man I've got these cheeseburgers, *anyone...
  10. kurruption

    Pro Rasslin'

    Anybody catch Wrestlemania last night? Who else was totally shocked by the result of the two title changes, and am I right or is Foley better at taking young guys to the next level than Ric Flair was in his prime.
  11. kurruption

    Personal Questions

    I noticed most of my friends have been bitten by the myspace bug, I'm sure it'll rub off on me and I'll conform and get my own page as well, so heres the question, who here does the whole myspace thing and do we have any links, also, boxers or briefs?
  12. kurruption

    happy b-day Basilmunroe

    Wow, Basil's doing some growing up today, congrats, I bought you a new Willie Nelson album and a bong from ebay, excuse me, water pipe.
  13. kurruption

    Simpsons Trivia

    Here's a little thing that goes on most of the time at work so I thought I'd relay it here and see how it works, So here goes, Simpsons Trivia, I'll start off with an easy one. When Apu is about to get married he asks his soon to be wife what her favorite book, movie, and food is, what is her...
  14. kurruption

    kwilson nickname contest

    alright people, katie needs a decent nickname, #2 just isn't working, vanilla wafer she doesn't enjoy and kwilson, well jee, lets see, kwilson, katie wilson, kwilson, hah, I get it, lets do this for a week, winner gets 1000, yes, 1000 of my petz dollars, katie will fill you in with the details.
  15. kurruption


    I think the mygamer support place needs support or it's going to die, and I just can't let that happen
  16. kurruption


    This majestic looking piece of art is on it's way. I call it art because I refuse to label it simply as a game. Anybody else looking forward to this glorious piece of art?
  17. kurruption

    family guy

    the new season officially began and it was a whammy, James Woods being a guest was brilliant, IMO he was funnier here than when he appeared on the Simpsons, I was kinda confused by the ending though, and the continuation of Brian being semi rascist and still dating a black girl was a sight to...
  18. kurruption


    So today at work I had some gypsy dressed older female asking me to help her find Too Wong Foo on DVD, so I did, afterwards she lectured me on how my "aura" was an outstanding warm color and was so easily visible and how she could tell I was really down to earth and knew how to converse with...
  19. kurruption

    best plot twists

    OK so far we have weapons and cheapest stuff, warning spoilers ahead. anyways I've been playing tales of symphonia for about a month and I'm halfways through it and I'm at the point where I'm at the tower of salvation and colette finishes the whole turning into angel thing and I end up fighting...
  20. kurruption

    ja ja ja jaded

    anybody have any advice for a lifelong gamer who seems to be jaded or to have outgrown videogames