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  1. demigoddess

    get back to work

    get your ass back to work it's only 4:09 not 5 GET BACK TO WORK :sugarglid
  2. demigoddess

    best idea for a game???

    best idea for new games come on i know you have somethin if not good then funny now spil :tapedshut
  3. demigoddess

    welcome new members

    welcome new members we have over 3000 members wow
  4. demigoddess


    what's up with all the new .... I don't know what category they would be in surface, invaion, I know there is more but I can't remember their names. :prescript what tv shows do you watch "???"
  5. demigoddess


    finally got over 1000 posts :chilipepp :yell:
  6. demigoddess

    Stan you

    : :censored: you have more money then me that the f*&k thats not right :gnasher:
  7. demigoddess

    i would like to know

    i would really like to know if there is a way to get kicked off mygamer :irked: :irked:
  8. demigoddess

    do you get it ???

  9. demigoddess

    the sad thing

    the sad thing is i don't think any one will even get it :) :)
  10. demigoddess

    on Mygamer

    hehe this a little fun :snaggleto
  11. demigoddess

    more people posting

    so there are two ducks walking down the road :kilroy:
  12. demigoddess

    We need

  13. demigoddess

    So Bored

    so bored :tombstone :skellingt
  14. demigoddess

    I am

    :skellingt hehe
  15. demigoddess

    more announcements

    I would like to announce that i think we need more announcements I have one I like pirates :pirate: :smore:
  16. demigoddess

    do you know ???

    How much coffee do you drink ??? :crazy: I'm on cup #3 cup and they aren't the small cups is that to much ??? :hyper:
  17. demigoddess


    I wasn't even at the top of the champions list today before BC had to go and throw me down to second. :biting: can't i have 5 mins. of time to in joy my winin :slaphappy NO i only got 3 :warped:
  18. demigoddess


    so i look at my horoscopes every now and then but i rarely get it You get a bit irritated when the energies deepen and hold you in one place too long. You want to skate, run, bike or glide, but today you have to put your mind where your will is. Your staying power is strong. Don't get...
  19. demigoddess

    new members

    to all you new members :wave: posting is good posting is nice and don't make me make you :bullwhip:
  20. demigoddess

    no post

    no posts in the last 30 days thats just sad people sad i say :(