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    Anyone chose the Mygamer Anouments at mygamer home?

    Anyone chose the anouments at mygamer home? I did and accentently added a mygamer review, so I deleted it. EEECH! :c2:
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    How do you put on a avatar?

    I have no avatar. How do you put on a avatar? I'm stuck!!!!!!
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    Making a New game!

    We, here, I need 10 people to make a game. Come here if you want to join here to make a posting game Together (not a forum game). I will then do another thread to make a game, but I ned 9 people to post I'm in. So, come on!!!
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    My last topic - the first games

    HERE ARE ALL THE GAMES FOR DS OUT NOW Rayman DS, Sonic DS, Project Rub, Robots, Spider Man 2, The Urbz: Sims in the City DS, Zoo Keeper, Tiger Woods 2004 DS, Pokemon Dash, Super Mario 64 DS, Wario Ware Touched!, Metroid Prime: Hunters, Worms DS, Mr Driller, Aspalt Urban gp, Polarmon, Ping Pals...
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    I'm leaving the forum!

    lwavngggg Everybody, and my friends, Action Hank, Kurrption, i'm leaving. this is how: I was band at So I went to mygamer, but everybody stopped posting threads. So I went to a EVEN better website. By Mygamer, I'm leaving this thread! *SOB!*
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    Who wants to be a Gamerare?

    who/................................. Are you okay for this Who wants to be a gamerare, You can win money (but for pretend)! So, who ever gets this answer correct, Goes to my hotseat! What Game is a Driving Game? (Easy!) 1) Teeken 4 2) Grand Theft Auto 3 3) Burnout 3 4) Fifa 2005...
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    Sonic Mega Colection Plus

    what is your shit and cool game in SoNIC mEGA cOLLLECTION Plus?
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    Games are on your mobile!

    games.... you know the rest. Hi. great to see yah. I am a gamer and any one who says fok to me I will not be happy. I got so many games on I know! Such as Driv3r and Splinter Cell. My favirote is Worms, mine sister ones is Garefeild Dreamland. There's Pandor Tommorow and Sexy Poker, too. Fruit...
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    Ask for some cheats and i'll will tell you one!
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    Magdi Roporting. This is a free area to chat for cheats. Every time you ask me for cheats, I will look for them. I will be able to report a single message. Thank you. Magdi chat ends.
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    BEST GAME wHATS YOUR FAV GAME? mYNE IS EITHER WORMS GAMES OR PES4, SPYRO & CRASH BANDICOOT double post edit Sorry. That was a total disgrace. Here, My favirote games are Worms
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    Worms, Worms, Worms, Worms, Worms!

    Download The Worms! Hey! Doyou wwnto try the Worms Games? Download Them on for free! You can also buy them. There is Worms 2, Worms Armmegeddon, Worms World Party, Worms 3D & Worms: Forts! Guess what?! There all BESTSELLERS! :b9:
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    The List Of Games

    List Of the fav Games... Here Are A List of All My Favirote Games In Order: 1. Pro Evolution Soccer 4 98.69 THE NEXT GAME IS SOOO CLOSE THAN PES4! :o: !!!!! 2. Worms Forts Under Siege! 98.68! 3.Ratchet And Clank 3 96.54 4. Worms 3D 95.32 5. TY 2: Bush Rescue...
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    Worms Forts: Under Siege

    What Is Your Favirote Weapon? And Make Up your favirote one! WHAT IS YOUR FAVIROTE WEAPON!? Mine is the Homing Piegoin! You Should Check the Damge It Makes! :D My made up weapon is the Silly Boy, he moves about the the Old Women, It can Steer, Jump Explode and can fire Little Bombs when you...