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    I've heard it said that your first Final Fantasy is inevitably your favorite. I don't think that's true, but 9 was my first and still is my favorite. 10 was fun,but I got bored of 7 on the first disc, I haven't even touched 8. I played 11 for 2 years, and I'm starting to play the sprite-filled...
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    I just want a better version of the Classic controller. Feels too blocky right now.
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    WiiWare has been good the last couple weeks

    I'm currently playing through the otherwise hard-to-find Phoenix Wright games. I'm sorry I missed these on the DS.
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    Playstation Move

    You're right, the tech itself is more exciting than the reality of what most developers will do with it. But after seeing that tech demo in Boston, and how the sword on the screen moved with my hand, I'm really itching for a well designed swordplay game. Red Steel just hasn't scratched the itch...
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    Metroid Other M

    If you are referring to this gameplay vid , then yes I can see the resemblance to Ninja Gaiden. But the things it has to distinguish itself are the fact that it's a shooting and not a melee character; Samus's trademark Morph Ball and bombs should add a...
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    Playstation Move

    With some real information about Sony's new motion controller finally released, what do you guys think? The Wii Remote likeness is obvious, but it looks to do everything the Wii promised it would be able to do, much better. I feel like I've seen pretty much everything the Wii has to offer, but...
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    Valkyria Chronicles

    So, I just bought the latest DLC for one of my favorite PS3 games, Valkyria Chronicles, and was sad to find that they include zero voice acting and little in the way of character development. Challenges of the Edy Detachment is just 6 skirmish maps that focus on using each of the 5 classes, and...
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    My new ink

    Decided to get the Player Pin skull from The World Ends With You as a tattoo, my first. Anyone else have some cool gaming tattoos, or ideas for others?
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    Reviving the thread

    I really need to upgrade my system to fully enjoy what PC gaming has to offer these days. I'd love to play Fallout 3 and Dragon Age on PC but I just don't think I could do those games justice. And with my console and handheld backlog still rising, I just don't know how I could justify the...
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    How I got into gaming.

    My dad exposed me to gaming, though he never games anymore. He owned a Vectrex and Sega Master System when I was born, as well as few other odd devices like a Frogger mini arcade cabinet. I loved this weird Master System game where you were a medic on a handcar going around the battlefield...
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    PAX East 2010

    I think I can fit a few plastic instruments into my car, no problem.
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    PS2: My Platform of the Year

    The last few new releases are trickling out for the PS2. But I was just trying to express how I had more enjoyment playing older PS2 releases last year than most of the newer titles, and I played a hell of a lot of 2009's big releases. For anyone who may be feeling a little disillusioned by all...
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    PAX East 2010

    As I understand it, a number of MyGamer staff, and hopefully lots of MyGamer readers, will be attending PAX East '10 in Boston. If you don't know what PAX is, check it out . It's the best damn gaming convention on the continent, and it's first showing on...
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    PS2: My Platform of the Year

    Even though we are now in the 10th year of the Playstation 2's lifespan, it's still receiving new titles that keep the sixth-generation hardware from becoming a forgotten bargain bin item. And even though the PS2 is probably my favorite platform in terms of the sheer number of unforgettable...