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  1. PrinceLUDA21

    R Superheroes GODS?

    So I spent the good portion of my weekend watching Super Hero movies. I.E Superman, Spiderman. And I came across the God like Complex that was given to both heroes. And it got me to think. Do ppl hold Superheros up in the God like stature? I mean take a look at Superman, he can be preceived...
  2. PrinceLUDA21

    Nintendo Took Over The Holiday

    By now everyone knows that You can hardly find a Wii or DS lite. And if you do you are a lucky SOB. Unlike every system that was avalible this past holiday Nintendo was the one thing on everyone's list. DS lites were selling faster than tickets to the super bowl. And every were you looked...
  3. PrinceLUDA21

    Yet again I'm still $500 in the hole

    Once again Sony lost another title to the 360. Vitural Fighter 5 will come on the 360 in the summer. That makes 3 titles Sony got backed doored on. Assassins Creed and GTA4 along with other titles that Sony has gotten from the 360 catolog (Elder Scrolls& FEAR). Chosing systems now will be...
  4. PrinceLUDA21

    It came fro Gamestop

    Okay being as though I'm such a nice and cool guy. Really I am. I will be posting events specials, dates and to answer any and all questions that I can answer here. If you need some info I will try my hardest to get it. So to start, there should be or is a specal event coming up the sunday...
  5. PrinceLUDA21

    It's round the conner

    Chritmas is a comming. And you know what that means..........NEW YEAR BITCHES. So what are you looking foward to next year. Me Film school, new car, season 6 of 24, Metroid 3, Halo 3, and DMC4 Next year should be all time
  6. PrinceLUDA21

    F*** You Ms, Bungie

    Okay so by know we all know about the Halo 3 Beta that was open to the public come this spring. That good Halo goodness in HD. But now word is out that it wont be open for everybody. MS is making ppl register and the select few will be able to play the game. HOW MUCH DOES THAT SUCK BALLS...
  7. PrinceLUDA21

    Good news for you Good folks, I'm selling my PS3

    Yes that is right I will be selling my PS3, it is notbeing used in my home and I find it pointless. My cousion if being sent off to TX somewhere and is levaing me his 60gig, and MY stepbrothers and I have come to the fact that having two is a waste right now. So we are going to sell. Now...
  8. PrinceLUDA21

    For all you Halo FANS

    HALO SUCKS IT"S THE WORST GAME EVER. I HOPE BUGNIE BLOWS UP AND YOU CAN NEVER PLAY HALO AGAIN HAHAHAHA. Okay I was joking, but great news for you die hard fans. Halo 3 will be out next fall (which we all knew) but in the spring you will be able to play the Beta version of the Multiplayer...
  9. PrinceLUDA21

    Get in Line

    Okay so I went buy a Wal-Mart today to get some socks and other things after work. And Low-and-behold their were people alredy out there camping for the PS3. I don't know if this is a record time for the city or not but I laughed so freaking hard. I hope the get one, and it craps out on them...
  10. PrinceLUDA21

    SP3 I posted this twice

    It's so good I must post this twice Go watch it again and again
  11. PrinceLUDA21

    SP3 The Greatone returns

    Forget the PS3, I can careless about the Wii. And the 360 can kick rocks. I need a time machine to fastfoward in time for this. What you ask. THE NEW SPIDERMAN 3 TRAILER Nothing else matter right now but this. You can even watch it in HD...
  12. PrinceLUDA21


    The game is going great as I type this right now I'm longing for some more game time, I'm about 21:36 hrs in and had to take a coffe break. And I do hope that XII plays a little like this. Ok gotta go now the game just called me later.............
  13. PrinceLUDA21

    Bollocks I don't think So I will give up gaming if this would ever come to pass. And yes I think it makes perfect sense. We should not have to pay for some of the crap showing up on the systems. It really should be free. I mean it's nothing but and update.
  14. PrinceLUDA21

    Stigma............ Ng?

    Ninja Gaiden will brace the PS3. Yes Ninja Gadien from the Xbox will be on the PS3. O you don't really care do you. You beat the game countless times already. Well here is a clip of Stigma And from what I heard or can see in the...
  15. PrinceLUDA21

    Devil May Cry 4........all About Dante

    Well i have just heard that at the TGS DMC4 will be a playable DEMO of the game. HOW SICK AND BULL IS THAT. Does this mean DMC4 will come out with the PS3? Will it come out around the or soon after the PS3? I wanna know and I bet so do you, but nothing will be given until Sept 22. I just my...
  16. PrinceLUDA21


    Saw III what more can a man ask for. I think they sould do maybe one more and leave it at that before it turns out like Jason.
  17. PrinceLUDA21

    Wii get more great news. Gotta love Nintendo

    I can care less about what anybody can say Prince of Persia for the Wii
  18. PrinceLUDA21

    I may be shot for this.........Remember the days?

    What ever happen to the good shows on TV. I just bought Fraggle Rock on DVD am I wrong for that? But the Muppets what ever happen to them. I miss the great shows like that. The 80's and 90's HAD great and quality TV progams. I know the muppets are older than that but Fraggel Rock was my...
  19. PrinceLUDA21

    The Dark Knight (Batman)

    Heath Ledger ( the gay cowboy) Will be the new Joker. WTF THIS IS SOME BS The GAY COWBOY WILL BE BATMANS GREATEST VILLIAN. I can't stomach this crap. Nothing against Heath as a person I think he is a good actor but not Joker worthy. O well all I can do is just wait and see. The name...
  20. PrinceLUDA21

    Street Figter 2esday or Wed

    It's coming I have heard the reports this tuesday SF2 will inbrace XBL OOOOOOOOOOOOO GLROY HALLEUJAH I can't wait. for this this will be awsome. I jus won a Alapha, Dead Risng comes out next week.