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  1. nonsiccus

    Local Multi-player classic game with the most hours played?

    Any iteration of Worms is great fun in local co-op. Turn-based games typically lend well to local-coop as it allows for hotseat gaming which means you don't need to worry about the number of controllers or whether or not your computer is up to spec to be playing with that many people.
  2. nonsiccus

    Gauntlet - $14.99 on Steam - $44.99 for 4-pack! (WAIT FOR REPEAT SALE)

    The gameplay got better IMO. The skills are much more in-depth and their use has become a little more strategic than just a button mashing spamfest. Don't get me wrong, there's still a lot of skill spamming but it can actually get pretty difficult if you don't work together or chain your skills...
  3. nonsiccus

    What Genre of Game Do You Like Better?

    There was a time when I played FPS games exclusively but as I've gotten older, I've found that my reflexes are starting to fade a little bit. From there, I started playing games that require more strategy that raw reactions and accuracy. I mean, I still love going back to FPS games, but...
  4. nonsiccus

    Your most expected game for 2015

    Without a doubt it'll be the Persistent Universe Alpha for Star Citizen. The game itself is immense and likely won't see a full 1.0 release until 2016, but due to the modular release schedule we may see a significant release in Q4 of this year. I'm excited for it to the point I'm prepared to...
  5. nonsiccus

    Favorite MOBA?

    I started League of Legends a few months ago and have been completely addicted to it. It really appeals to my competitive nature with the ranking system. I know that there are a lot of other games other there that contain a ranking system, but it just so happens that League is the one my friends...
  6. nonsiccus

    Left 4 Dead 3?

    It had never occurred to me that Payday and Left for Dead had so many parallels, but now that you mention it... the gameplay does flow in a pretty similar fashion. It would be interesting to see if Payday were to be able to be modded to include assets from Left for Dead. I'd love to get some...
  7. nonsiccus

    Dune 2 - A building of a dynasty

    While the Ordos were an interesting addition to the universe, I feel like Westwood used them to kind of fill in for all of the lesser Houses in the official canon. There weren't enough large houses that could compete with the Harkonennen and Atriedes aside from the Spacing Guild (almost...
  8. nonsiccus

    Do you think games are worth their current retail price?

    I recently bought Gauntlet during the Steam winter sale and I'm finding it well worth the price. It was for $30 or so for the four-pack. I gifted the other copies to a few friends and have been playing co-op through the campaign - it's been extremely gratifying burning through dungeon after...
  9. nonsiccus

    Your top PC games of all time?

    It's been said a ton of times already, but World of Warcraft for just the sheer amount of entertainment and hours of devotion I pledged to it. From PVP to raiding, it was one of the most engrossing games I've ever encountered. To this day, I'm still looking for games that have the aspects that I...
  10. nonsiccus

    MyGamer Credits

    Looking forward to seeing this get fleshed out with some ideas. I'd love to see some sort of tipping system for good posts, similar to up/downvotes on reddit, but you spend it out of your credit pool.
  11. nonsiccus

    Credit "Stealing"

    Or at least make it an opt-in type of thing. If you want to steal credits, then you must also be willing to be stolen from. Make it so that by default, it's off and people can choose to participate if they want to.
  12. nonsiccus


    Thanks Stan. Are there any plans on implementing a feature where participants can "pledge" their credits towards site-wide goals? For example, if the total reaches $10,000 credits (or whatever arbitrary figure), then you can introduce a new forum skin or theme? Something like that. It'd be a...
  13. nonsiccus

    Left 4 Dead 3?

    I would imagine it's a game that will come inevitably, it's just a matter of time. I liked the first game immensely and spent a ton of time playing it, even getting in the competitive scene a bit. The second game didn't appeal to me quite as much; they introduced a lot more randomness in to the...
  14. nonsiccus


    Is there a FAQ or anything like that on how all the credits are supposed to work and what they're used for? I mean, I can more or less guess that it's going to be used for flair and stuff like that, but it'd be nice to see some sort of guide. I know you mentioned that you'll be documenting it a...
  15. nonsiccus

    Credit "Stealing"

    I logged in a few minutes ago and found this in my alerts: I find that kind of humorous.
  16. nonsiccus

    The worst steam winter sale ever? Or am I just jaded

    I found the sale to be more of an opportunity to get some games as gifts for people I know. Most of the ones I would want I had already bought in the past, so it was a chance to get some copies for friends I'd like to play multiplayer or coop with.
  17. nonsiccus

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    Sorry I meant more in the decks themselves, due to the "randomness" of shuffling a deck of cards. I know deck builders will always try to minimize the amount of randomness in their deck by including duplicates and search/mill cards to ensure they can pick up their desired hand. That's what I...
  18. nonsiccus

    Have Games taught you anything?

    Raid leading in World of Warcraft really taught me some skills in leadership and managing a group of people to be efficient and effective. It has also taught me a lot about just teaching people in general. Getting a bunch of people to understand the fight mechanics can be pretty stressful...
  19. nonsiccus

    Credit "Stealing"

    I don't have any strong feelings any which way in regards to the stealing in general. I just don't see how it contributes to building a good environment for forums.
  20. nonsiccus

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    Card games will always have an RNG element. That's simply a part of the card format. It's a huge gameplay consideration when it comes to games like Magic the Gathering, which is arguably one of the most popular and oldest professionally played customizable card games.