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  1. OP3 NinjaMan

    Skype on PSP

    I've have an older PSP and was thinking of getting a new (thin) PSP just so that I can use Skype, has anyone tried the Skype on the new PSP, does it work good and would it be worth the money ? Anyone come up with a hack to use Skype on the older PSP yet ? Take care,
  2. OP3 NinjaMan

    Release date for America's Army (PS2) ?

    Does anyone truely know of the release date for America's Army (PS2) ? I know it's been delayed about a hundred times and now I hear it maybe push back to August, November, or even cancelled... Just woundering if anyone has heard the official word yet ? Peace,
  3. OP3 NinjaMan

    Sony's Embarrassing Press Conference...

    Great video... Peace,
  4. OP3 NinjaMan

    America's Army, who's getting it ?

    America's Army, who's getting it ? It's due out on May 30th and it's going to be a great FPS, just woundering if anyone is planning on getting it ? I'm looking foward to it myself, well, looking foward to it for around 6 months (with all the delays...LOL) Peace,