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  1. Axel

    PC vs console

    I don't like consoles because they're divisive. The more companies and devices we have the less able we will be to play the games we want. I really think PC is the only solution. With that said, handheld consoles are an exception because they provide a rather unique experience because you're not...
  2. Axel

    What are you currently playing?

    Currently playing Undertale and Borderlands 1&2 as well as replaying Pokemon Platinum (my favorite Pokemon game). I'm planning to play Watchdogs, Assassins Creed Rogue and Unity and Syndicate, Tom Clancy's games, Dragon Age games, and so many others... I need spring break to come quickly.
  3. Axel

    Games You Are Bad At

    I'm somewhat bad at puzzle games, but perhaps that's why I love them, because I find them more challenging than other people do.
  4. Axel

    You're trapped on a desert island for 90 days with 3 game series...

    Deus Ex series. Pokemon series. Final Fantasy, because it's long and I've yet to play any of them despite desperately wanting to (many are PS exclusives too which doesnt encourage me).
  5. Axel

    Do you watch anime?

    Judging from your reaction, it will be epic. Is 12 episodes enough for this anime? Idk how many chapters the manga has.
  6. Axel

    Any Dragon Age fans?

    I actually feel really bad that I've put this franchise on hold for so long. I bought them all a long time ago but keep forgetting to play them because they're not in my steam library. Thanks for the reminder (although that probably wasn't your intention, sorry but thanks lol). It sucks that I...
  7. Axel

    Your First PC Game

    Not really sure. It was either "In Search of Dr. Riptide" or "Earthwork Jim". The latter was played on a SEGA emulator which 8 year old me somehow managed to discover and get addicted to. I downloaded tons and tons of games on our 56k network, but the one I played the most was Earthworm Jim. I...
  8. Axel

    Stardew Valley

    It's not really my kind of game but holy crap everyone is talking about it. I might give it a try but considering I've never played games such as Harvest Moon or anything of this style before, I'll keep my expectations low. To be honest this seems like the kind of game that takes a lifetime and...
  9. Axel

    What's your favourite T.V series?

    Game of Thrones is my latest favorite. However we can't forget awesome series like Breaking Bad and House MD which ended. Sherlock is one of my all time favorites as well, but it sucks so much that it's taking so much time to produce. I don't know why they treat this series like a secondary...
  10. Axel

    Do you watch anime?

    Erased! Yes. Best anime of the season, and might actually be best one of the year but perhaps a bit too early to say seeing as this year is going to be filled with promising titles. Is it just me or is anime rapidly evolving in quality instead of focusing on cliched already-working formulas that...
  11. Axel

    Music While Gaming?

    I used to do that when games have appalling or boring soundtracks, but nowadays I rarely played any such games. Even in a game like GTA V where music doesn't play off-missions, you still have the radio when you're driving around which usually has enough good songs.
  12. Axel

    How old were you when you first got into gaming?

    I grew up around the PC and mobile phones, so... ever since I was born lol. Though to be fair I only used a computer when I was 6 years old, and I only used a mobile phone when I was 14 and had to buy a cheap Nokia one using a year's savings lol. In any case, gaming was pretty much my favorite...
  13. Axel

    Favorite Gaming Youtuber

    I follow a few CSGO youtubers, like iijerichoii and 3kliksphilip (aka 2kliksphilip as well, same guy different channel). The latter dude focuses on analyzing the game in depth, while also creating hilarious game-related videos on the game. The former is just a streamer who edits his streams and...
  14. Axel

    What is your favorite RPG?

    The Witcher series are RPG games, right? If so, I guess these are the only RPGs I played in my adult life. When I was a kid I played a lot of RPGs in a SEGA emulator but I have no specific memories of any of them. I only played the Witcher 2 and 3. 2 was amazing but 3 completely blew me away...
  15. Axel

    What irritates you the most about other players?

    Yea I never understood why they do that either. I love the challenge of the game. If I wanted easy kills I would've played against bots. It baffles me that these people enjoy doing that kind of thing. Although sometimes it has a purpose, only sometimes. I heard they usually help their friends...
  16. Axel

    Do you watch anime?

    Sure do! :) and I love Tutturu. Best catchphrase ever. My list is close to having over 300 watched anime and it's increasing little by little. I think by my 30s I'd have watched about a thousand :P I watch everything. What I don't watch is anime with overused concepts or a storyline and...
  17. Axel

    Is $60 a good price for games?

    It's too much, especially since most developers seem to have found it feasible to cut parts of the game and sell them as DLC, which ends up being way more than $60. I hate that people keep falling for the DLC schemes. I have never once bought a game for more than $40. I always wait for sales...
  18. Axel

    If you could be any video game character, who would you be?

    Totally. Same here :D Although I can't say I have something in common with him personality-wise... Those glasses and trench coat along with that badass hairstyle, added to that the augmentations, he's too badass to not want to be him. Although if JC Denton had a better character design I...
  19. Axel

    Favorite Free-To-Play Steam Game

    I Haven't really played that many free to play steam games, other than TF2, but there's this one other small indie game called Missing Translation. It's simple, small, doesn't take too long to complete, and is a fun ride. As far as free games go, this one is one of the best I've played, but I...
  20. Axel

    What irritates you the most about other players?

    CSGO actually implements that kind of system, but people always find a way to cheat the system. In this case, something that's come to be called Smurfing. Which refers to skilled players who play badly on certain games on purpose just to derank and play with lower skilled people later on, or...