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  1. squallsnake

    My Nintendo Themes

    So I got a couple of themes (Metroid and Zelda) by spending my My Nintendo coins: While the visual aspect of these themes are cool, the music is terrible. I have no idea why but both theme has the same exact musical track - which is awful. It sounds like a carnival...
  2. squallsnake

    Nintendo Switch

    We will have to wait for more details about the system, but what are your initial thoughts? I want know how much storage space will it have? Will there be a uniform online environment like XBL or PSN? How much will it cost? Are games on disc or cart? What is going to happen to the Virtual...
  3. squallsnake


    Played the beta and I think I liked it. Anyone picking this up? Seemed like a fast paced super version of Borderlands to me from my short time with the beta.
  4. squallsnake

    Polyrace Steam Key - Who wants it?

    I have a steam key for Polyrace, a game we recently covered here on myGamer. Who wants a key? Reply to this thread and I will pick a winner soon.
  5. squallsnake

    Smash DLC

    I am excited about the final round of Smash Bros DLC - Corrin, Bayonetta, and Cloud. All three characters seem to have their own fighting style and I think fit in nicely in the Smash universe. Those amiibo are going to be pretty sweet too.
  6. squallsnake

    Star Wars Ep 7

    I am assuming everyone has seen the movie by now. What did you think?
  7. squallsnake

    PS TV

    This forgotten Sony system keeps dropping in price. BB recently had it on sale for $20! And GS over this last weekend had new 16gb Vita mem cards for $20. Cheap and easy way to play Vita/PSP/PSOne games on your TV... that is, if it is compatible.
  8. squallsnake

    Zelda Triforce Heroes

    I just gave away my two extra demo codes for The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes on my Twitter feed. Don't know if anyone entered them yet. Enter it on your 3DS eShop and try it out. I was a fan of Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures so Triforce Heroes sounds good to me. However, it is...
  9. squallsnake

    WiiWare (on original Wii)

    It is Oct 2015 and Nintendo just released the Cruncyroll app on WiiWare. That's right. Wiiware. As in the original Wii. Speaking of which, I actually have $10 worth of WiiWare credit I need to use. Which $10 game should I download? I already have Contra Rebirth but was thinking about...
  10. squallsnake


    Like everyone else in America, I am pretty upset about the whole amiibo shortage issues, the lack of communication from Nintendo, and the 2nd hand market. If Nintendo would simply make more amiibos then we would not have this problems and fans would be happy. Instead, the Big N is leaving...
  11. squallsnake

    NEW 3DS

    I own Xenoblade on Wii so don't really see a need to upgrade to the NEW 3DS since I still enjoy rocking my original model. But that second analog nub would have been nice for Majoras Mask but didn't really run into any camera issues when I played it on my original model. Has anyone upgraded...
  12. squallsnake

    Wii U hard drive space

    Even though I really only play a few games on my Xbox One, my hard drive is well over 50% full. I am also concerned about hard drive space with my Wii U. Sega just released a patch for the latest Sonic game that was over 1GB. While this is a super small patch in comparison to other next gen...
  13. squallsnake

    Zelda Majora's Mask remake

    Like the rest of the world, I am excited about this Majora's Mask remake. However, there is one thing I am very concerned about - the camera. Specifically, the option to invert the camera (up/down). Playing the on the New 3DS allows the user to move the camera freely using the 2nd analog stick...
  14. squallsnake


    In case you didn't know, the free MyVegas app allows you to earn free real life rewards for your next Vegas trip. They actually just added Cruises too. While this might sound like a commercial post, it is not. I was able to score a couple free buffets last time I went. It is worth playing this...
  15. squallsnake


    Remember WiiWare? I just remembered I have $10 in WiiWare credit assigned to my account. Any recommendations on this neglected platform? I guess I should buy something and not let it go to waste. Any sleeper hit games out there? I was thinking Castlevania Rebirth as Contra Rebirth was...
  16. squallsnake

    Lockpicking and hacking in games

    Does anyone really like all the lockpicking and hacking that are in current games? For example, Fallout 3 had a ton of hacking and lock picking. Deus Ex had plenty of that too. I guess I don't mind it but can get repetitive quick. At least it is better than blowing into the stupid mic on...
  17. squallsnake

    Gamecube Adapter

    Still sold out everywhere! I need one! Come on Nintendo, make some more of these so we can Smash it up!
  18. squallsnake

    Fave Smash Characters

    The 3DS version has been out for a while now and the Wii U version is right around the corner. Who is your fave Smash character and why? I have always been a Captain Falcon player ever since the first N64 version.
  19. squallsnake


    Seen any good/bad movies lately? Fury with Brad Pitt was pretty good. Interstellar wasn't bad either. John Wick was a typical bad action movie but still enjoyed it. And looking forward to the Hobbit 3 in a few weeks.
  20. squallsnake

    Adventure Time

    I heard the Adventure Time games for 3DS are pretty good but have not played any. Any opinions? Interested in the title that is basically a Zelda II clone.