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  1. kima

    Rhythm/Music Games?

    I really agree with all of you that these games are meant for parties. They can get really repetitive after a while and it's the people who make it fun. I'm sure it would be funner to play real instruments, but I feel like taking classes would be somewhat expensive and time consuming. I'm not...
  2. kima

    Thoughts on Far Cry 4?

    Far Cry 4 has some awesome graphics, but I am just so overwhelmed by how much there is to do in the open world. All the animals trying to kill you, especially the eagles, can be really annoying. It just gets irritating when foxes and eagles keep trying to maul you while you're doing an outpost...
  3. kima

    Fantasy Life

    I haven't played this game, but it seems really fun. I like how the art looks and both gameplay and art resemble Rune Factory. It's nice how there's so many options to choose from when picking a class. The pet system seems cool too. I'll be sure to get this game when I look for new 3DS games.
  4. kima

    Favorite Pokemon Game?

    My favorite Pokemon game is Emerald. This was one of the first games I've ever played on a handheld. Back then, I was really into the Digimon/Pokemon/monster battling type of games, so it really got me hooked. I just had to buy the DS and its Pokemon games after playing the ones on the GBA...
  5. kima

    2 great little games for virtually no money

    Steam always has such great deals! Thanks for the heads up :) The art looks really nice and the gameplay reminds me of Zelda. I've been looking for new games to play during the holidays, so I'll be sure to try both of these.
  6. kima

    How many hours gaming?

    The time I spend gaming can really depend on my mood. When I'm really in the mood to game, I can spend from 3-12 hours on a game. I don't really like to play games for just a short period of time, so I'll play during vacations or holidays, when I get time off.
  7. kima

    Stay away from LoL scams!

    I'm sorry if this has already been covered on this forum, but I haven't seen a thread about it. Recently, my friends have been sharing these links about some "LoL RP Christmas Promotion". This website says that you can get a point per click, or something like that, and with the points you get...
  8. kima

    Games You Are Bad At

    Games that require fast reflexes can be a challenge for me. FPS games are also difficult for me to play. I'm clumsy and have terrible reflexes, so I often press the wrong button and end up running into the enemy. League of Legends and Call of Duty are games that I have trouble playing, but I...
  9. kima

    Rhythm/Music Games?

    There are games that I just like to play when I'm having a party, or my friends are over. These are usually music video games like Rockband and Just Dance. In fact, I have a friend who has enjoyed these games so much that he bought the Wii just to play these type of games. I do enjoy playing...
  10. kima

    Is the DS a chick system?

    The DS is geared towards both guys and girls. There's many sim games like Nintendogs and Hamsterz, but even guys can play these. A huge part of the people who own DSes play Pokemon, which is a neutral gender game. The popular Mario Kart and Mario Party are also for both genders. I think it only...
  11. kima

    What's Your Opinion on Games Where You Farm Materials/Stuff?

    I don't mind farming in games only because I don't mind repetitive work like grinding. It doesn't annoy me that much if it doesn't happen that often. However, when a game asks you to hunt for a certain item, and the chance of it dropping is irrational or insanely rare, then I will get pretty...
  12. kima

    Do you like single player or multi player content better?

    The thing about multiplayer games is that I only play them because of my friends. If they're playing, then I'll play. If they don't, I will just quit the game in a heartbeat. I feel no motivation to play if I can't enjoy it with them. On the other hand, single player games usually have so many...
  13. kima

    Rune Factory

    This is so true. The teens seriously don't look their age. The 3D renders are nice, but the actual artwork for the characters leave a lot to be desired. In Rune Factory, most of the girls look decent, but the guys can look strange I'm being really shallow when I saw this, but if I spend my money...
  14. kima

    Trash talk between friends...

    Trash talking is fun only with my friends because we have a similar sense of humor. I would be way too self conscious to even trash talk to a stranger and it could be considered harassment, so I'd rather not get reported.
  15. kima

    One Game You're Most Addicted To?

    Right now, I'm really addicted to Skyrim. I keep playing it on and off. For example, I'll be really obsessed with the game for a few weeks. Then, I'll lose interest and play something else for a while. All of a sudden, I'll miss playing the game and start a new adventure on it all over again...
  16. kima

    Fallout 3

    The Fallout series is awesome! My favorite part about the game is the companions feature. In Fallout 3, I loved Dogmeat! Exploring the wasteland with man's best friend is so fun. As you can see, my profile picture is Rex, another companion from Fallout: New Vegas. There's just something about...
  17. kima

    Older systems?

    When I buy newer systems, I just hang onto the older ones. Not many of my friends or family are as interested in gaming as I am, so they wouldn't care for it. I'd rather not sell them to Gamestop because they don't offer much money for it, but I don't want to deal with the hassle of selling it...
  18. kima

    Ruby Vs. Saphire, let the battle begin.

    It'd be cool if an Emerald Remake was released, but I doubt that's really going to happen. Whenever my friends and I buy games together, we always try to buy different versions so that we can trade each other version exclusive Pokemon. I prefer Ruby because I've always thought that Team Magma...
  19. kima

    Is mobile games gonna kill handhelds?

    Squigly brings up a very good point! Some successful series keep the handheld systems alive. It is highly unlikely that Nintendo would ever want to make Pokemon available on mobile devices like the tablet or smartphone. However, as these devices are becoming more advanced, maybe people will be...
  20. kima

    Anyone else watch streams?

    I sometimes watch LoL streams, but usually I just play the games myself. The most entertaining stream I've watched was the infamous TwitchPlaysPokemon. That stream was so hilarious and the community was pretty eccentric, worshiping a fossil and nicknaming all the Pokemon. It was pretty funny...