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    The mygamer lottery that is :biggrin: Ohhh the points baby!!!
  2. MissCheeba420

    Sifl & Olly

    To anyone that is interested...I have recently discovered and this morning while at work it came across my mind to put in a search for the Sifl & Olly show. AMAZING!!! I found over 50 clips of this hilarious puppet show. If you want to see some clips of Sifl & Olly, Aeon Flux...
  3. MissCheeba420

    Pee-Wee's Playhouse!

    I don't know if anyone else in here has noticed, but adultswim has been airing Pee-Wee's playhouse episodes for the past few weeks. This is spectacular, becuase I never Pee-Wee was so damn funny until I started to watch it as an recently. I remember the talking chair, the secret word of the...
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    ESRB Ratings...Get A Life!!

    When is it the parent’s responsibility to take control of what their child is doing in their spare time? In the recent years the gaming industry has been hit with lawsuits and accusations that the games that are produced and intended for adults (in my eye) are causing young children to bully...
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    God of War and others alike

    Good morning Gamers, I was wondering if anyone out there knew of others games like God of War. I am looking for games that let me use their natural surroundings like Lara Croft or Syphon Filter. I like playing games that give me this ability and I am on a desperate search to find more...any...
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    Hmmmm....How did I get onto gaming???

    It started about 21 years ago when my brother was the first kid on the block to have an Atari or Ninetendo. Being from the south and having part of my life rasied in a trailer (single wide), when the family started to grow the trailer grew also. When my brother turned 16 mom and pops built...
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    Welcome Back To Liberty City!

    :scoobydoo I can not recall how many times I played Grand Theft Auto III and beat it once I purchased the game. After playing the game for a couple weeks just to get the map melted into my head. I could tell you where Newport is located in Staunton and where the Red Light District is at in...
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    :trafficli New member of I wanted to say hello to all my gamers out there and play yo shyt till the vibration pops out :comedy: "everything that is green is keen"