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  1. FreddyMac

    Do you use walkthroughs?

    I mostly consult strategy guides. I don't like feeling that I'm doing things wrong, or am just missing certain mechanics that would be helping. Like now, I'm going to look up how to maximise money earning for Metal Gear 5. I actually wrote a weapon guide for Far Cry 2 and Red Dead Redemption...
  2. FreddyMac

    Videogame Voice Actors may go on strike

    Got MGS last night, Sutherland has said like 10 lines so far. I honestly thought that I was missing sound assets, till I put subtitles on. Big Boss just don't speak. But I've been reading up on the voice acting, and how MSG5 has made things very different. Early-ish in the game, you can start...
  3. FreddyMac

    Game giveaways from (Auto-joiner is a must)

    yeah, I keep trying other browsers, I'm just so used to how Chrome makes things, and the extension market is better these days, so I can't move away for too long. You could try getting the extension in Opera, open it every so often so it can do it's thing.
  4. FreddyMac

    What are your Specs?

    MSI Z77-G43 i5 3550 @3.30ghz HD 7770 8gb RAM The GPU is holding be back a bit, Witcher 3 plays around medium at x720. So my system is aging a bit.
  5. FreddyMac

    Videogame Voice Actors may go on strike

    Like Kiefer Sutherland replacing David Hyder for Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5? I'm no fanboy of MGS, barely played them, but to replace the voice actor in the 7-8 installment of the series? That would never be allowed if it were TV or film. I'm happy that "face" actors are increasingly...
  6. FreddyMac

    Videogame Voice Actors may go on strike

    link link2 This is big. I've read for some time now that voice actors are treated as 2nd-class actors, much lower pay, few guarantees, no benefits. Basically, the VA's are largely ununionised. They take work where they can get it, and simply have to accept bad contracts if that's what's on...
  7. FreddyMac

    LucasArts Adventure Games

    Monkey Island is still the benchmark by which all point-'n-click games are measures. OK, that and Day of the Tentacle. My nephew were playing though Monkey Island recently, and were enthralled by everything. Loved the insult-sword-fighting, but needed help to get through it. Tim Schafer was...
  8. FreddyMac

    What are some good Indie PC Games?

    I was going to mention Neo Scavenger. It's got a very in-depth combat and damage system (even though it's text-based), and all of the mechanics are deep. Every decision you make can come back to haunt you. Not hiding your tracks can get you killed. Not finding clothing WILL get you killed. Not...
  9. FreddyMac

    Good PC games featuring split-screen and offline multiplayer?

    Gang Beasts! Seriously, one of the greatest party games. It's a physics-brawler, where you try to throw your friends off the map, kind of like a sumo match? It's still in early-access, but when it completes, it's going to be even better. As it stands, I strongly recommend it. Goat Simulator...
  10. FreddyMac

    Fun games that are laptop-friendly (Integrated graphics)

    check out /r/lowendgaming. It's devoted to exactly this topic. It's kinda hard, it's difficulty comes from inexperience. The more you play, the better you understand the game. Challenging, thats a better word.
  11. FreddyMac

    As a PC gamer, what is your opinion on controllers?

    I use my wireless controller for the headset microphone! It's actually a decent quality mic, and I've already got it, so why not! Trouble is, the damn controller switches off if its idle, so you need to wedge a button or plug it in.
  12. FreddyMac

    Game recorder apps

    Wow! I only found this last night, I used it to convert the videos I mentioned in my previous post. It really is awesome, super lightweight.
  13. FreddyMac

    Is there any way I can play my brother's GTA:V copy on Steam?

    Check with isthereanydeal, there's a promo at DLgamer, $37.19 for GTA5 It's the lowest it's been for while!
  14. FreddyMac

    Waiting and waiting for MGS5 to install

    Waiting and waiting for MGS5 to install
  15. FreddyMac

    Game giveaways from (Auto-joiner is a must)

    Not entirely sure why, but I'm winning more often now, 3 in 3 days. Guessing there's less people online or something?
  16. FreddyMac

    Game recorder apps

    Was having issues with (tried to upload content I recorded with MSI, codec issues and broken files), but managed to fix that, had to convert to h.264 files and it was happy. Check out my humble channel at End of self promotion, haha I'm avoiding LioLo TBH, it looks...
  17. FreddyMac

    Rockstar Games Appreciation Thread

    Oni was Rockstar?! googlegooglegoogle Ah! Seems it was they handled the PS2 port of Oni, Bungie West was the creator of Oni. Cue me going "Bungie made Oni?!" I played the demo of this way too much, but I didn't actually enjoy it. Odd...
  18. FreddyMac

    Rockstar Games Appreciation Thread

    I've played everything Rockstar has made, apart from the handheld stuff. Way back in the day GTA was just something else, a fresh and interesting take on action games. GTA2 was a great refinement, and really put the ol' PC through its paces. I ended up buy GTA3 of a Chinese roadside vendor...
  19. FreddyMac

    What do you watch on Youtube?

    DefendTheHouse doesn't have oodles of content, but what is there is quite good. They mostly run their Mythbusters series, basically testing common myths in various games, and compiling them for videos. Short and to the point. It's actually a cool way of seeing if a game is "fun", as this shows...
  20. FreddyMac

    What lesser known Steam games do you like?

    A little different, but try sorting a random search in Steam by price and filtering in Trading Cards, then grab everything under $0.50. You get cool little games from small devs, and can sell the earned trading cards back on the market, getting some of the original purchase cost back. Using...