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  1. ZackeyMane

    Games You Are Bad At

    I cannot for the life of me play JRPGs with any sort of confidence or skill. I dunno, they just feel odd to play for me.
  2. ZackeyMane

    Favorite Console of All Time

    PS2 has to be my favorite console. It really feels like it had the best games, as if the technology had finally caught up with the ideas of the developers.
  3. ZackeyMane

    Simpsons Tapped Out.

    "F2P" means Free-To-Play. :)
  4. ZackeyMane

    In-Game Purchases

    I've never bought anything inside of a game and I never intend to. I don't even play mobile games often enough to really warrant it, and plus I could set aside that money for other purchases.
  5. ZackeyMane

    What do you do when you are bored?

    I usually work on a few different projects at a time, so I usually am occupied with something or another. I guess I never really get bored, which is a good thing I suppose.
  6. ZackeyMane

    Could you go 24 hours without a screen?

    I definitely could. I mean, my phone DOES have a voice assisted option... ;)
  7. ZackeyMane

    What is your current phone?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, but the USB port just gave out so I can't charge it. About to upgrade, I think.
  8. ZackeyMane

    It's the last day of the winter sale, what did you get?

    I didn't pick up anything. I have too large of a backlog of games to play through to pick up anything, no matter how small the sale. Because sadly nothing was free, hehe. My wallet is happy, for now.
  9. ZackeyMane

    The worst steam winter sale ever? Or am I just jaded

    I didn't buy anything this winter, gaming-wise. I have a lot of games to work through, so I don't really need to pick up any more. So, I would say that it's perfectly fine to not pick anything up. Cryyo, one good rule I've worked with is that you shouldn't buy something just because it is on...
  10. ZackeyMane

    Five Nights at Freddy's 1 and 2

    I'm either really jaded or I'm really against these cheesy games that are coming out like Slender and such. I'm really keeping away from these games and their community, it just seems really flat to me. But hey, to each their own, I suppose. Nothing against those who like the games.
  11. ZackeyMane

    What Genre of Game Do You Like Better?

    I especially love RPGs myself, and I also enjoy puzzle games when I'm on the train. Combinations of RPG and Shooter games are especially nice. I suppose you would say that about The Elder Scrolls games? I mean, it's more of a first-person-RPG I guess. I love the gameplay sosososo much :)
  12. ZackeyMane