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  1. MissCheeba420

    Who's waiting for a price drop?

    I'm waitin' I am a price drop chick and will definantly wait until the PS3 drops a couple notches before purchasing. Besides I am currently trying to play 200 PS2 games before I purchase the PS3 (currently at 85). A sista got a way to go. <<<<<<31 DAYS UNTIL THE END BEGINS!>>>>>>
  2. MissCheeba420

    What games are you currently playing?

    Yes are a beast :) Indigo Prophecy is pretty hip. It is a different type of game play. No runnin' and gunnin', but it does test your mind and reflexes. I was playing until 1 this morning it can get addictive.
  3. MissCheeba420

    What games are you currently playing?

    Indigo Prophecy
  4. MissCheeba420


    The mygamer lottery that is :biggrin: Ohhh the points baby!!!
  5. MissCheeba420

    How do you buy games

    I buy my games online. ONLY BUY FRESHLY NEW GAMES online. NEVER EVER BUY USED. If your disc has a problem, you will have to pay hell and some change to exchange for another. I use They usually have cheaper prices than any other store or online websites, plus they have $1...
  6. MissCheeba420

    Happy Bday Skeith...

    Feliz Cumpleanos!!! And many more!!1:taekwondo
  7. MissCheeba420

    Sifl & Olly

    Will do. You can me to your list if you want :meow:
  8. MissCheeba420

    Sifl & Olly

    To anyone that is interested...I have recently discovered and this morning while at work it came across my mind to put in a search for the Sifl & Olly show. AMAZING!!! I found over 50 clips of this hilarious puppet show. If you want to see some clips of Sifl & Olly, Aeon Flux...
  9. MissCheeba420


    Hey!! I just ate some honey roasted peanuts...there were ummmhmmm good.
  10. MissCheeba420

    I love youtube! I just stumbled across a few days ago when we were asked to click on links on the links page for mygamer. I have been using to view the conflicts that are abruptions in the Middle East. I have came across some videos that give a message and...
  11. MissCheeba420

    How do you get rid of old books?

    It depends on what type of books you are selling, but you can try I think you can take your old books to libraries, Barnes & Nobles, Boarders, and Books-A-Million will buy books from folks. The best place to sell your books are to small family owned...
  12. MissCheeba420

    My talk with an ad-bot

    O0 Spudly: oh? then what state do you live in? gils sales: i am glad to see you here gils sales: may be we can be friends O0 Spudly: no gils sales: :-D O0 Spudly: so what state do you live in? gils sales: South O0 Spudly: that isn't even a state! This is hilarious. I wonder which...
  13. MissCheeba420

    New Contest: MyGamer Arcade!!!

    Fat Boy Raids The Cookie Factory! This game needs to be a def. add on in the arcade room along Taco Loco....classics. There are some weird games in the arcade room also...I must admit I kinda enjoyed playing "Girl Power!" lol.
  14. MissCheeba420

    The end of E3

    I am def. making it to the next conference. I must admit I get little jealous when I see the news about the conference on the net in the papers. Very glad to hear that they are continuing the confernce!
  15. MissCheeba420

    to the movies!!!

    Great Thread!! I would love to see "The Mark of Kri" or "The Rise of Kasai" made into a movie. With the right director and some good special effects I think this movie/game would really kick some ass. "The Thing" was next on my list...although they have already made the video game for the...
  16. MissCheeba420

    Pee-Wee's Playhouse!

    LMAO! Stop It...Stop It.
  17. MissCheeba420

    Question of the Day

    I will have to go with the Will Ferrell, Tracy Morgan, "Lova Man", Colin Quinn, Jimmy Fallon and many others era ('95 to '00). Colin Quinn's lion in the park was killa!! :propeller
  18. MissCheeba420

    Pee-Wee's Playhouse!

    I think the person that snitched on Mr. Herman was obviously a "playa hater" on him and his career. Secondly, you are in a theatre with a woman’s boobs going up and down and guys twig and berries flappin’ around, what are you suppose to do? Sit there and enjoy the Oscar nominated film….WRONG...
  19. MissCheeba420

    ESRB Ratings...Get A Life!!

    You guys are right. I know as a kid in the 5th grade and reading Beowulf kinda got my bones jumping when I used to read and see this tall, BIG, dark figure going around killing folks in the name of his land, or going to plays and seeing the story of Macbeth. I think that our society believes...
  20. MissCheeba420

    Go DS!

    I must say Taku, that the dancing Ninja off to the left are breakin some hot azz moves. 1...2...Step...Kick It To The Left!!! Nintendo has been breaking records since it has been in existance. The DS Lite is very very tiny and I tried playing it a few times....and I don't know-I think...