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  1. GhostToast

    Sony Fails

    well, the PSP has one foot in the grave (or is this the second?) target no longer sells the UMD (mini-movies) for the PSP. cause they sucked. bye PSP.
  2. GhostToast

    Let's Make a Story!

    ok guys...this is a classic forum "game". three words at a time, take turns writing a story. please use only 3 words and make it follow grammatically (as best as possible) with the previous poster. i'll begin: Once upon a...
  3. GhostToast

    Guild Wars

    anyone here play guild wars? be fun to meet up with some people from here in game. i play as "Ghost Of The Woods" if anyone wants to message me. or leave a note here.
  4. GhostToast

    i'm back

    well you crazy sons of monkeys, i'm back. that's right...i was without internet at home for 62 days. i felt like tom cruise in Castaway. and now i've got DSL. i still can't get on from work, and maybe never will be able to (maybe...) but at least i'm not dead yet. "I feel happy!" so. ya...
  5. GhostToast

    oblivion mod

    hey all. sorry i'm not around much anymore...hell some of you probably don't even know who i am. well, i am your father. just kidding. ok seriously now...for those who already know oblivion is an awesome game and actually have a halfway decent computer to play it on...i am interested in...
  6. GhostToast

    Surf Control Dead

    ok. i dont know if this is temporary or if i am lucky or WHAT but my companie's surf control is NOT working right now...somehow. or has been reset. i dont know. but i have full access to any website i want at the moment. so i figured i need to get back on the MG boards and let people know...
  7. GhostToast

    Strange Story...

    ok. so as most of you might know, i am on dialup at home. it sucks. i will be moving in a couple of months and then i will be able to get cable. for those of you who are spoiled rotten and have never used dialup, it usually allows downloads of around 5.5-6 kilobytes transfer per second --...
  8. GhostToast

    Petz Revamp

    Well I got a chance to get in and reconfigure the petz is actually not very accomodating, seems that it is impossible to change much, including the battle system, which is completely untouchable. however, i redid the economy somewhat, and the cost of boost items has raised...
  9. GhostToast


    anybody evre had glug ? crazy stuff.
  10. GhostToast

    Purported bin Laden tape
  11. GhostToast


    Attention: someone was previously asking about ROMs. All posts regarding this were deleted. It should be known that MyGamer does not endorse or even tolerate discussion of illegal software replication. Please refrain from attempts to acquire, trade, sell, buy or find illegal software while...
  12. GhostToast

    Canada vs. America

    americans are obsessed with japan but not nearly as much as vice versa.
  13. GhostToast

    Lanka Dog: Brain Alien

  14. GhostToast

    BC vs. Spuds

    This is it folks. The grudge match you have been waiting for...the ultimate show-down of wits! Here reserved for your reading pleasure (or perhaps complete reading adoidance) is a sanctioned zone for the fight to escalate in all it's internet glory! I'll start the debate with this topic...
  15. GhostToast

    "...Hate the XBOX 360" Official Thread

    Ok guys. guessing a lot of people are going to want to discuss this article. Go for it! I'll start by saying I found this article highly amusing... and at least 59% true.
  16. GhostToast

    changes made by the german pope

  17. GhostToast

    happy birthday Narindra123

    even though you havent been here in months and they only time you were you almost drove at least 3 of us permanently insane. we have recovered. so i guess you can come back if you really want.
  18. GhostToast

    Amature Game Designers

    This is also the 1000th thread posted on MyGamer forums!, i'm guessing a lot of us here want to "break in" to the game design industry. But since that is so damn hard and it often requires some show-able work of some kind, I've always thought working on a mod or an amatuer project...
  19. GhostToast

    land down under

    do you come from the land down under? you better run, you bteter thake cover !! i met a bman from bruseels he was something and full of muscles blah blah blah he nhanded me a dw sandwich DO YOU COME FROM THE LAND DOWN UNDER !?!?!?!?!? YOU BETTER SOMETHING SOMETHING F THUNDER !!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. GhostToast


    time for an on-topic discussion. i need a new sound card. my old one was a SB Live 5.1 or something, but it is not compatable with XP. i have some great cambridge speakers but sometimes they crackle a bit when i adjust the volume --- especially the subwoofer will if i touch the sub knob like...