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  1. scoops

    Mario Party 8 controls?

    Looked on the back of the box and it says 4 remotes, and the nunchuck. Do you NEED nunchucks to play? or does it let you play without them? I only have the one nunchuck and I'm looking to rent the game.
  2. scoops

    Nintendo News aggregated

    Mario Kart Wii is online, coming in the New Year to Americas. And it looks like it'll support more than 4 players. It will also include a nifty Wii Wheel. Not sure why that's necessary though. Super Mario Galaxy is out for November 12th. Wii Fit, an honest to goodness fitness program (can...
  3. scoops

    Super Mario Galaxy date

    November 12th. bounce. bounce. bounce. bounce. bounce. bounce.
  4. scoops

    Celebrity Miis

    I introduced my female housemate (friend's wife) to the Mii channel yesterday. She sat for two hours playing with it. heheheh. We made Morpheus from the Matrix, and Angelina Jolie (too bad you can't edit their bodies), plus our two pastors (both of whom have somewhat comical faces to begin...
  5. scoops

    Screenshots have made me a Smash Bros. convert

    I've been mostly meh-ish about the Smash Bros. series on the GameCube, but after looking at screenshots (need to see video yet) of the upcoming Wii installment, I think I might actually have to get this game. I generally prefer games I play by myself, with a story (like Metroid, Zelda, etc.)...
  6. scoops


    Who's on Facebook? If you are, feel free to look me up.
  7. scoops

    friend codes

    Post your Wii Friend codes here. Mine is 4470 0732 6044 5350
  8. scoops

    Wii & DS connectivity

    Got my Wii (and Super Paper Mario) this weekend. I know that there was a lot of speculation about wireless DS/Wii connectivity. But nothing has come of it yet. Well, I discovered something cool (that a lot of you may already know). In Super Paper Mario, there is a house in Flipside, (not sure...
  9. scoops


    StumbleUpon is great! Who here uses it? I've found lots of cool stuff. Post good stumble links here!
  10. scoops

    Game and Accessory Opinions

    Oi, Long time no post. I know. I took a big long break from gaming, but now I'm picking up the torch again. I've begun a small savings fund (i.e. envelope of fives in my sock drawer). I already pretty much know what games I'm going to get (Zelda, Mario Party, Elebits, Super Paper Mario...
  11. scoops

    The League of the Brass Wyrm

    A few of you might remember a while back that I expressed an interest in Pen and Paper RPGs. Specifically Dungeons & Dragons. Well, the interest has developed into full blown enthusiasm. After over a year of trying to figure out a way to play, I finally managed to get a couple of friends...
  12. scoops

    HD DVD or Blu-Ray

    Don't vote for your preference, vote for which format you think will realistically win the race!
  13. scoops

    Best wireless controller for PS2?

    Any thoughts?
  14. scoops

    Patience, Grasshopper -- in High Definition

    So, an awesome thing happened to my wife and me over the weekend. We were planning to purchase a nice HD LCD TV for ourselves to celebrate our first Christmas together, and have been saving up for it since the wedding. We hadn't picked one out yet, but I'd been doing a bit of research and so...
  15. scoops

    Office Pranks

    I'm not 100% certain, but I believe I've just been the victim of an office prank. I work in a cubicle, and I get it early (7:30). The people who work near me come in much later, between 9 and 9:30, or even later than that, except for one guy, who sits behind me, who comes in at 7:15. For some...
  16. scoops

    Holy Crap!

    Hey Guys, I just found a small comic book publisher based right in Toronto that is hiring a writer. I just applied. I'm going nuts. That's my dream job! Even if it doesn't pay much. If anybody here prays, pray that I get this job. It would be like the fourth best thing that ever happened...
  17. scoops

    FFXII Gambit tips

    Please share what your gambit set-up is like and any recommendations you have. What's working for you?
  18. scoops

    Je suis desolee

    The budget monster attacked, and I was defeated. We took a look at how the money situation was going down over the next few months, and I decided that instead of spending $300+ now for the Wii, and then my wife spending another $200+ on Christmas presents for me, that it would be better for...
  19. scoops

    Toys "R" Us

    Okay, so back on September 17th, I went into a Toys R Us near my house and pre-ordered a Wii. The clerk "Gerald" told me that what I was signing up for was a bundle of Wii, two controllers, and two games. (This was prior to the confirmation that Wii Sports was included.) Shortly thereafter...
  20. scoops

    Is Asylum Boy a ghost?

    Why is Asylum Boy a silent boy? I've seen our local March Hare on the boards lately quite a bit, but he makes no posts! What is the meaning of this?