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    What do you watch on Youtube?

    Mostly how to videos, game streams, airsoft matches, music videos, podcast, cartoons, stand up comedy, beer reviews, fishing videos, and other cool stuff. I love youtube, I even make my own videos and make a tiny bit of profit from people viewing them.
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    fix this

    The mobile version of the site is displaying the XenForo logo and not the MyGamer logo. Admin should look into this. Also, do you guys do link exchanges? Please PM me if interested. My site gets average 20 hits a day and is gaming related.
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    game piracy, agree or disagree

    Do you think it's ethical to pirate games? I know I have pirated games to try out the single player, then buy the game if I want the multiplayer. However some games are only multiplayer. I do think its not the most moral thing to do, but its very tempting. Another problem is worrying about a...
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    Path of Exile vs Diablo 3

    I lot of people say Path of Exile is better than Diablo 3 and I agree. Diablo 3 took a big turn from the style of Diablo 2, leaving a big gap missing where people wanted a Diablo 2 clone with more features. I think Path of Exile filled that gap. After I'm done playing Path of Exile, I want to...