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    My Nintendo Themes

    So I got a couple of themes (Metroid and Zelda) by spending my My Nintendo coins: While the visual aspect of these themes are cool, the music is terrible. I have no idea why but both theme has the same exact musical track - which is awful. It sounds like a carnival...
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    Nintendo Switch

    We will have to wait for more details about the system, but what are your initial thoughts? I want know how much storage space will it have? Will there be a uniform online environment like XBL or PSN? How much will it cost? Are games on disc or cart? What is going to happen to the Virtual...
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    Games That You Always Come Back To

    I've been recently going through a kick where I want to replay games I've beaten years ago. The Zelda Oracle games, for example. Bought them on sale and slowly re-playing my way through Seasons right now. I beat the hell outta them when they first launched on GBC so many years ago. But it has...
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    Are the Vita games worth it?

    There are a ton of great games on 3DS. All the 1st party Nintendo stuff is mostly gold. There are some solid eShop titles too. But as an alternative to a Vita, remember PS TVs are still out there if you wanted to play on the big screen.
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    Best PSP games?

    Over the last few months, there has been some pretty solid PSN Flash Sales for PSP games. Great way to build your library for cheap. Picked up Castlevania Drac X Chron for $2.24, Powerstone Collection for $4, and tons of FFs and other Square games for $5-$10. Worth checking out. They usually...
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    Polyrace Steam Key - Who wants it?

    Here is a free full version download code for Polyrace, redeemable on Steam: GFKVN-MIC59-JLNAM Go ahead. Enter this code. First person to redeem wins. :) Winner please reply to this post. :D
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    NEW 3DS

    I would buy a New 3DS to replace my original model but I do NOT want the XL version. I just want a New 3DS and not the New 3DS XL. But currently the only way to get the non-XL version is to buy the dumb Animal Crossing bundle. I just want a black New 3DS. Why is that so hard?
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    Favourite old school controller?

    While I am def not saying its the best, but the Virtual Boy controller had two d-pads which is like the first draft of the dual analog sticks we have today. Teleroboxer was basically the only game to really take advantage of it though. The new Elite Pro Xbox One controller is pretty nice but...
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    What is the oldest working console you own?

    I actually just sold my Atari 2600, NES, TurboGrx and original GB stuff not too long ago. Also recently sold all my SNES stuff in one massive lot too. While I really like that old stuff, I just didn't have space anymore. I will probably wind up selling my GBC and GBA stuff next.
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    Which Gameboy Color Pokémon?

    I played through Blue and got all Pokemon even Mew. But have not touched the series since other than the spins off like the Pinball games and Snap.
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    Played the beta and I think I liked it. Anyone picking this up? Seemed like a fast paced super version of Borderlands to me from my short time with the beta.
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    Old Nintendo games on Wii

    Nintendo is rumored to be translating Mother 3. But if they do release that on VC, it will probably cost like $20 because, Nintendo. But there are tons of franchises that Nintendo could revive like Advance Wars or even Star Tropics. Maybe we will see something with the NX.
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    PS4 and Xbox One - worth getting both?

    It will be interesting to see if Sony launched that rumored PS4.5 and Microsoft with their potential enhanced Xbox One. And NX is scheduled to launch next year. Will be interesting to see what happens.
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    Have you ever hacked/cheated in a game?

    When broadband first became popular and Halo 2 was the console online game to play, people would Stand-by to purposely lag the game to win. Hated that.
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    You're trapped on a desert island for 90 days with 3 game series...

    If I was stranded for 90 days, I might finally have time to play Fallout 4. And since there is no internet, would also need strong single player offline play. So maybe Fire Emblem or Tactics Ogre for me.