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    Did you ever play...

    I've tried them but I don't own them. And my fondest memories of the three were the Atari with the atrocious but hilariously fun PITFALL. That was really only the game you needed aside from PONG anyways. /hipster off. But truthfully, I was an NES+ Baby. I was born in 86.
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    What do you do when you are bored?

    Lately since the weather has been nicer I've been outdoors more spending time to get around places and do something that isn't sitting in one spot doing something for hours on end like my typical routine is. Haha.
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    Emulation, better on Devices or Desktops?

    Perhaps I was misunderstood. I meant do you prefer to play them on mobile devices or desktops with more juice? I prefer my new Laptop I just got, it's pretty baller. But, I'd like to say some top end smart devices could run it equally as well, because the specs just need the minimums to run...
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    Has anyone played Legend of Dragoon?

    One of my favorite RPGs growing up. To this day, I remember sitting on my floor in the winter of my earlier schoolyears playing it while there was a huge blizzard going on outside. School was cancelled and I just kept playing and playing. I devoured the story. It was such a unique spin on the...
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    Super Mario 64

    Yeah. The opposite of you, I actually loved that level as one of my favorites. Snow Mountain. I'd always shortcut the race if I could. I only legit when down the whole track like four times. The rest was all leaps and landing farther down to outpace the race. And it wasn't that hard, when you...
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    Any Castlevania fans out there?

    I've posted so many times, so many places... Yes. I adore Castlevania. From the beginning until Symphony of the Night, I was an avid follower. After that, I dropped off playing it admittedly. I don't know why; I just never kept up with it. Though, Symphony was by far my favorite. Beating it...
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    One Game You're Most Addicted To?

    Most addicted to? I have to say Minecraft because it's one of the only games I've never uninstalled from any platform I've bought it on (PC, XBOX 360, etc). For the hours of endless enjoyment, I'd have to say that. If not, any old MMORPG I played as a kid (Ultima Online) (Everquest 1). The MMOs...
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    Super Mario 64

    Mario 64 was the best Mario in my opinion for newer-gen consoles (newer then SNES, mind you - when I say that.) With such sweeping levels and animation, it was right on time for its' consoles age. Music, everything. The fact you had to complete full levels and you could jump into paintings that...
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    Mega Man 2

    MM2 is my favorite. I loved it because it held that certain 'awe' for me as a kid, but I never really followed up on it and I went jumping into RPGS and the like from an early age and left platformers behind for a moment. But to this day, MM2 has the catchiest tunes. Still hum it to this...
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    What is your opinion on the growing eSport scene?

    Never thought about it like that, Jamal. That is very true; it also helps with balancing issues. Because if someone gets the same char over and over and rolls everything in sight, the devs WILL change the balance if they want their game to succeed.
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    What is your opinion on the growing eSport scene?

    I think it's a good thing. If any other sport can have televised tournaments (yes even STARCRAFT) then any other game deserves the shot right along side them. And I like watching livestreams of the people who are on the top and getting an idea how they handle how they play. It's no different...
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    Who or what would you like to cosplay as?

    Going from a Star Wars point of view, I always wanted to roleplay a Jedi Council Member or Emperor Palpatine with his "Unlimitttted POWERRRR" costume (dark sith lordy type).
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    Zelda, the 2015 VERSION!

    It'll still be closed off, but there are more side areas to do side quests from the look of it, with such sweeping animations
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    Do You Like/Love To Read?

    Re-Reading Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, just a wonderful book.
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    What are you guys listening to right now?

    Hour long so I can zone out and get to work. It's so soothing no matter the problem I face I face it logically. This music literally calms you down. However, I've had the whole Chrono Trigger soundtrack stuck in my head lately because I've been emulating it again. Limited entertainment...