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    What kind of tablet do you think is best for gaming?

    I own a Tab3 8'' and I'm pretty happy with it, seems well built and strong enough to run every last one of the games I tried on it. Maybe the Shield is better tho, can't compete with it really, since it was actually made for games.
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    Is anyone else getting tired of farming games?

    By "farm games" I do hope you mean games like Sim Farm and others, not the cash grabs that keep showing up lately. I'm getting pretty tired of those.
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    Emulation, better on Devices or Desktops?

    My Android tablet runs PPSSPP pretty damn well, way better than my old laptop could ever do, as much juice as I struggle to get out of it. Maybe it's from the code optimisation, maybe it's from the hardware, I can't really, but these days the emulation on androids is amazingly advanced.
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    "Old-school" RPGs

    Planescape Torment To date this and Silent Hill 2 are the main videogames that I have related the story. I haven't played this game since I initially played it in 2009 and it is still one of my top games ever. I truly need to play it once more, I simply don't have room schedule-wise that I did...
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    Favorite Open World Game(s)?

    Originating from somebody who truly appreciated "Resting Mutts" and Mafia 2 I thought GTA was a bit misrepresented. I'd presumably put it third on my rundown. Other than that I discovered worthy motivation and games like LA Noire not justified even despite the cost of affirmation whatsoever...
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    Whats your favorite FPS ever?

    Crysis 1 (and Warhead) is the last time I sensed that I was truly playing a FPS from the future, and it wasn't simply on account of its illustrations, which have been surpassed at this point. This is the best Predator test system ever constructed. You've got a set of devices, various...
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    How often do you upgrade your system?

    I have a tendency to purchase middle to lower-level stuff, so I need to overhaul specs all the more frequently. As much as I cherish gaming as a leisure activity, I'm not monetarily dexterous about spending on it. I can just make do with whatever I have left in the bank before the year's over...
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    What makes a video game great and why?

    The design should be good and the controls should feel smooth. The visuals must be good; however not so much inconceivable. I've played a couple of games with straightforward representation and they made brilliant recreations. The controls and cam are central point however. In the event that...
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    Annoyances with the PS4

    The OS can be glitchy. Now and then the PS Store or companions rundown takes briefly to load. Things get anxious in some cases in the event that you utilize the web program to watch features for quite a while. It takes a bit to scroll through all the application tiles in the new xmb, on the off...
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    What's in your gaming collection?

    My most costly prize is the Metroid: Prime Trilogy Collection for Wii. Won't discover a large number of those around. My most nostalgic prized diversion is Star Wars Battlefront II. Regardless I adore it right up 'til the present time. That or owning all english discharged Fire Emblem games...
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    Browser-Based Games

    One of the best browser based games is undisputably KoL (Kingdom of Loathing). It was originally released in 2003, quite a long time for an online game to live, and so far the game has evolved to have lots of content, multiplayer clan dungeons, and at the same time it still kept the great humour...
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    Minecraft Opinions

    Yeah, it's not a game you'd probably get heavily into if you were just playing it by yourself, but it's a great game to have in your collection for those times when you just want to kick back and play something fun and relaxing. There's something calming about hanging out underground mining...
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    Desura Game, Someone Take It

    Taken. Thanks, I had half a mind to get it on steam. Great game, I guess I owe you one.
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    In-Game Purchases

    I'd happily pay more for a full game instead of having to spend tiny bits of cash everytime I need something it's very hard or downright impossible to obtain without having to resort to IAP. Thomas Baekdal wrote a great article about a certain game from a certain cash-grabbing company which...
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    Do you think games are worth their current retail price?

    I myself bought Starcraft 2 and Bioshock Infinite at full retail price. I had been waiting for both of them and they were amazing. SC2 is a game I still play and it's given me countless hours of fun and frustration, so it was definitely worth it. As for other games, some are worth, some or not...