I figured since I just signed up, I may as well come introduce myself. My name is Tim, I'm 32 so do I qualify for old school now since I remember my parents Atari very vividly ( heck I'd still like to beat Pitfall lol ) I have played console games ever since the Atari and have not stopped gaming since.

There are very few consoles out there I or a member of my immediate family has not owned at one point in time or another. From Pitfall to Zelda to Mario all the way to Destiny, just about the only games I do not play very often would be sports-related games. Hell I suck at real sports why do I want to bash myself even more lol.
I have been browsing the forums around here and I believe that I was meant to fit into a niche like this.

See ya in the forums!
Jul 1, 1982 (Age: 37)
Northwest Pennsylvania, Near great Lake Erie


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