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    Skype on PSP

    I've have an older PSP and was thinking of getting a new (thin) PSP just so that I can use Skype, has anyone tried the Skype on the new PSP, does it work good and would it be worth the money ? Anyone come up with a hack to use Skype on the older PSP yet ? Take care,
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    PSP Multimedia

    I have a few songs one the memory stick (4GB), but mainly I have a bunch of PS1 ganes one there. I do have one or two clan videos on ther too, but the quality isn't that great when I converted them over (used an online converter, don't have a program yet to convert...) Take care, Tony
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    Remote Play

    You can stay in contact with everyone in your friends list (Chat), turn on your camera (to see if the dog is chew'n the couch, carpet, or another controller), spool movies off the PS3 harddrive too... Very cool, extends the PSN (and store) to your PSP while you on the move in a WiFi hotspot...
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    Vitamin Water

    A bad bottle of vitamin water made me so sick that I couldn't post on any gaming forums for the past couple of years... (LOL, it has been quite a while since I've logged on here, had to blame it on something...) Honestly, I don't think there is enough vitamins in the water to provide any type...
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    My PSP

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    My PSP

    I'll give you $50 for it...
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    Cool PS3 Stuff I Guess

    I never ban on my forums, I just delete their account (5-30/day...) I use a few different Mods to weed out those dirty bots too, that helped me the most on cutting down the spam and fried bologna... Peace,
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    15 more members!!!

    Give away another 360 and they will start signing up !
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving... I personally don't want to eat anymore turkey until this time next year... lol Peace,
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    Damn, this thing is beautiful

    Though I did purchase a PS3, I'm going to get 2 Xbox 360's for Christmas... BTW, I was a little teary eyed when I open the box to the PS3...
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    My Gender Revealed (Finally!)

    Holy *,$!*... I'm gone for a few weeks (rehab for some video gaming addiction they claim I have) and when I return I find this out... <JJ tamj> I really thought you were a guy though, congrads to ya... Since your in college, gotta ask.. You have an older sister that digs hansome well...
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    Burger King can burn in hell!

    I too broke down and got one of the games, great fun for about an hour or so...
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    Screenshot Mystery #3 ($ PRIZE)

    Holy Crap... I just checked it out too... I'm glad it's over, no more sleepless nights for the Ninja thinking about what that game is... Can't wait for the next contest...
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    PSP Demos, Music, and More

    Alexa... I didn't think that was still working because you can't do any submission to it anymore. Alexa use to really help with weight on the search engines, especially Google, but it doesn't even update thumbnails anymore let alone have ranking for any site created for the past year, just...
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    PSP Demos, Music, and More

    Pretty cool place, I stop'd by there... I'm going to post a link of it on are clan forums... Peace,