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    do you pay for games

    I usually don't download games I have to pay for after a bad experience. I downloaded a game that was advertised at a once off price and airtime was being taken every day. So now I stick to the free downloads.
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    Do You Like/Love To Read?

    I love reading, although I have been reading more e-books than paper copy books recently. I think it is because it's so much easier to go online and read than to make a trip to the library or store to buy a book these days.
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    What do you watch on Youtube?

    I love watching short horror stories on Youtube, Some of these videos are infinitely better than most full-length Hollywood movies, with really engaging, fresh storylines and great acting from actors with little to no professional experience. Most times I am amazed at the production quality of...
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    What makes a person a gamer?

    A gamer for me is someone who lives and breathes gaming. They attend gaming conferences, know all the best games, know all the loopholes. They wait in anticipation for the newest editions of games or new games and subscribe to gaming sites etc. Let's not forget they would rather play a game than...
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    Any Christians?

    I am a christian...not much of a gamer though unless you consider my Candy Crush addiction! oh and I love Solitaire,