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    Why do you think the Wii is more popular than Kinect?

    It is because the fact that the Wii's wiimote option didn't glitch out like the kinect. There also were fun games that used the wiimotes abilities to move. For example Skyward sword used the best of its abilities.
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    What was your favorite Wii U game of 2014

    What was your favorite Wii U game of 2014? My favorite so far has to be Super Smash Bros for 3ds and Wii U. That game just brings me hours of fun along with Mario Kart 8, especially with the new DLC for it made it even more fun. What is your favorite?
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    Do You Like/Love To Read?

    I love to read Manga. If the regular books are interesting enough I would read them too. If I have the time that is.
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    Is anyone still playing Super Smash Bros Brawl?

    I play the mod of the game Project M. I feel that is much better than the original.
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    Do you like single player or multi player content better?

    I like to play both but it depends on what I feel like doing. For example I am bored and I would feel like playing a single player game. If I feel confident enough I would play multiplayer games like TF2. Which ever seems like fun at the moment would occupy my time for hours on time.
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    Why the stigma surrounding gaming?

    Now a days when you hear gamers its mainly those people who play call of duty or those 3 year olds on the controller.
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    Making Your Own Game

    I would like to make my own, but I am just so lazy to learn I don't. I know that is no excuse and game dev wouldn't like comments like that. I can be creative, but I lack creative. I dunno if that makes sense.
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    Any good RPGs?

    Isn't that a game that all you do is harvest plants or something like that? I haven't heard about the game since the GBA version.
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    Megaman Battle Network Team Proto

    I do love the franchise, but I dislike the games after 3. They seem to repetitve and kinda not fun. I played all of them and owned all of them. I recently played 4 and it was kinda boring compared when I played 3.
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    Gateway 3DS

    I don't use it but I hear it is good. You should buy the game first even if it is not in that region. Like buy a Euro version of the game and then play the American version with it.
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    Your worst Smash 3DS character to play as?

    I absolutely hate sonic. I got so use to the PM sonic that the Smash 4 sonic is garbage to me.
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    Favourite N64 game?

    I can name a few of my favorites. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Super Mario 64 are my most favorite though. Especially in Majora's Mask when you had to collect masks and you had to do them at certain times.
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    Who is excited for the Mario Kart DLC?

    Link is all the worth for DLC. I love him and the hyrule castle stage. I have not tried him on wifi yet, cause I need more practice!
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    Anyone else get motion sickness from games?

    I have never had that issue. I got sick before, but never from a game. If you are experiencing it then you should rest up and not play a game for about a day or so, then your headache might go away. Don't forget to take usual stuff like Advil.
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    The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth Discussion

    I watched the Game Grumps play it and it looked awesome. I played the original one before and I was just confused, all though now I am not. I did like watching the game and the mom was just horrifying.