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    Do you watch anime?

    Let me be honest and say that I haven’t watched anime for a long time. When I was a kid they brought anime on a local TV Channel and I would be happy to watch it. Later in life when I moved on my own I would catch it once in a while on a Saturday morning. I miss those moments and should pick it...
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    Who are your favorite youtube vloggers?

    I hope that I understood the thread. I love YouTube videos but I usually search for what I need to see and not a specific person. I watched a few videos of how to bath a cat and let us just say I laughed silly. I was doing this at my then place of work because I could not concentrate on work. I...
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    Looking to build a PC.

    I must recommend you for being able to build your own PC. I must admit that I took a course in computer engineering so that I would discover what goes on behind a monitor. sadly,I have never used that training in real life. I wish you well in this project; allow me to say that I am impressed.
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    Hardware for the future?

    Maybe a cell phone sized projector will be developed so that people can play games on walls and other large surfaces. Imagine how quickly boredom can be eliminated when someone can play a game on a table as they wait for their date to show up. Anything is possible in the world we are living in...
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    Digital Camera

    That sounds like a great camera. Writing is my first passion followed by photography. I have not taken a picture in so long because I do not have a camera or a suitable cell phone. My sis gave me a cell phone that does not keep battery charge. I cannot take two photos before it starts beeping...
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    Post your desktop here ^^

    I have changed my desktop to this after I read your thread. This is a path in my village after the rains. This is where I grew up into a young adult before leaving home. I went there over the Christmas season to say hello to my parents. The surprising part is that home will always be home no...
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    Kurruptions Rants

    Are all these “relatives” staying at your house? Maybe your parents can explain to you how these people are your relatives. Relatives bring issues in our lives that we must handle because they are family. Some relatives are awesome and can enrich our lives. Others are made out of a horror movie...
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    Who or what would you like to cosplay as?

    I would like to Co play in a horror movie, I would ask that I only get the script that has my lines. This way, I will be able to feel the thrill of fear when the unexpected happens. Recently I have not watched a horror that made me feel afraid. I remember the first horror movie I watched as a...
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    Upgrade or new build?

    Maybe it is just me but I have an attachment to my computer. If I had an option of upgrading it to run better, then I would take that route instead of replacing it. You sound like you know what you are doing. You will get the desired outcome whichever route you choose when you are in a position...
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    Spec Question for Gaming PC

    You should only buy the computer if you want to. Your cousin’s friend will get over it when you tell him that you cannot buy the PC. Computers are very sensitive and an unseen problem may pop up when you start using the desktop. Why not buy a new one like you first intended to? Why is your...
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    How often do you upgrade your system?

    I bought a previously owned laptop that did not have webcam drivers. I went back recently to the person who sold it to me and they asked me for more money for the drivers. I am surviving without a webcam at present. The reason why I bought this brand (dell latitude) is because I wanted a webcam...
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    Would You Consider Yourself a Good Person?

    We were discussing this issue with my sister and we came to the conclusion that we are good people. We try to live our lives right and help anyone who needs help if we can. My mom was telling me that there are people who can smile at you and yet they are so full of hatred for you in their...
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    What are you guys listening to right now?

    I am listening to rock music on my radio station. I live in an apartment that has thin walls. If my radio is off I can hear my neighbors having a conversation. I love rock very much that I listen to it all day long. I put the volume way down when I retire to bed and it soothes me to sleep.
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    Candy Frenzy is coming!!!

    Thanks for sharing the link I am bookmarking it for later. New things are exciting and I will sure take a look. I will introduce the game to some kids that are very competitive. They must bet before playing a game so that the winner takes home the prize. It is so exciting to play with them.
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    Do You Have a Good Relationship With Your Boss?

    For the last one year, I have been working from home making money online. I have been my own boss. I miss the work environment and I am applying for jobs every day. In my last place of work I had a very strained relationship with my boss; he came onto me and I said no. If I know what I know now...