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    In-Game Purchases

    I am strictly against IAP, because most games do it plainly wrong. There are some examples like Kingdom Rush: Origins which do it in an acceptable way, but I dislike ones such as Clash of Clans or Real Racing 3 which limit players by timers or energy-like systems. Those games aren't worth a...
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    Cell Phones

    IOS app store is more regulated, therefore somewhat fewer fake apps and bad games are there, but there is still a ton. I play some paid games sometimes on Android, most of those are a bit higher quality than F2P ones, but not that higher.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    The Tec-9 is really a bit overpowered right now compared to the orher pistols, but after a few matches it doesn't seem to be that good as the CZ Auto was. And CZ auto had the downside of only having like two magazines worth of reserve bullets.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    So that is not only me. I found it very strange after playing Insurgency a lot, I thought I forgot everything about CS's gunplay or something, lol. I read a bit on reddit and several forums that something seems off, but I dismissed it as rumors until I played a bit today.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Did anyone notice much worse hit-rate since the new update, or is it just me? I can barely get hits on people since they introduced some new anti-cheat, server-side hit registration. Feels like most of my hits don't get "approved" by the server, or hit much later than they should. My ping is...
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    Retro Console Controllers You Liked The Most

    I didn't use many controllers, only the SNES, the PS1 and Xbox360 ones. Out of these, the PS1 one was the best at the time when I played on that. I find the xbox360 one to be bad, especially with the trigger placement on the back of it, my finger always get in the way and I manage to press it...
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    Do you like single player or multi player content better?

    I only play PVP on multiplayer, such as CS: GO or Insurgency's PVP. I don't like co-op games or playing as a team versus bots, because most of my friends don't play these games that I do, or they don't want to play co-op ones vs the computer, either.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    I sometimes play CS:GO, only on competitive, because I don't like the casual 10vs10 FF off clusterfuck and I don't really care about my rank, either. I have fun just by not caring about the rank, and playign to my best (silver 3, though) I don't care about crates and weapon skins, I sell most...
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    PC-Ports - Should we demand better?

    I think yes, we should demand better. Not everyone plays on PC with controller, so developers have to take into consideration the PC controls, and also, graphic options. Valkyria Chronicles did a great job, for example. Also the Final Fantasy games at least improved their graphic options via...
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    do you pay for games

    I don't pay for mobile games, and use pirated ones instead, as free games aren't worth anythiing most of the time, and Google's crap store doesn't allow paypal in my country.
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    Star Citizen

    I haven't pledged for this game nor will I do, because I think it wants to be too ambitious, and ultimately will fail in at least some of its aspects. I don't know how can they pack a FPS, a TPS, space-sim, space battles, and planet exploration into one game, it just seems too much and too large...
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    First PS1 game?

    I think my first game on PS1 was Croc, a colorful platformer game where you had to guide Croc, a little green crocodile across various levels. Another very early game I played vas Kurushi, a puzzle game where you had to take out blocks rolling toward you.
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    Is mobile games gonna kill handhelds?

    Most more serious games don't get enough buys and downloads anyway to warrant more full-fledged games coming to Android. And if a great-looking game comes, it is usually IAP-ridden very cheap or free game, which ruins the experience. These in addition to battery drain prevent better games from...
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    What do you think of Early Access?

    I think the current trend with Early Access does more harm than good, see DayZ and Starbound for example. By the time a game moves to a "release", most people have moved on or have forgotten about it.
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    Recommendations for Mobile Games

    You can try many games, here are a few which I play, and they don't require internet. Most of these are paid games, though. Kingdom Rush: Origins - the newest tower defense game in the KR series Wayward Souls, Mage Gauntlet - retro-style top-down permadeath RPG and action-adventure...