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    How do you relate with kids?

    Unfortunately, there are no kids in our home anymore. The youngest member of my family is 16 at age. I don't consider him a kid anymore even though he's the youngest one. But during his younger years when he was like 10 or 11 years old, he is very naugthy and a hard-headed boy. Luckily, as he...
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    What do you watch on Youtube?

    I'm actually watching different types of videos on YouTube and it depends on my mood. Most of those videos are game streams, game reviews, gameplays of my favorite gamers, game tutorials, etc. There are quite a lot, not only those what I mentioned. But right now, I'm quite interested with...
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    What is your best vacation spot?

    Honestly, I love to have my vacation on a province where there are a lot of trees and plants everywhere. I like the fresh air in the province too. It is so peaceful there, unlike in a congested cities. I don't mind even if I don't go to some beautiful beaches or resorts. All I want is a place...
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    If you could visit one country at no cost..

    I'd choose Japan. It is my ultimate dream country to visit. I am so much fan to some of their cultures: manga, anime, cosplaying, sushi and other japanese foods, jpop, etc. Also, I admire them for being a well-disciplined people. Not all but most of them. And I want to see their cherry blossom...
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    What do you like to eat/drink while gaming?

    I used to eat some snacks such as crackers or cookies or pizza while I'm on game. Sometimes I do this during midnight snacks and I partnered it with softdrink or a carbonated tea. If there's a leftover cake then I'd eat it first, and sometimes I want to eat some fresh fruits.
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    What are you reading?

    I'm more often want to read mangas or japanese comics nowadays because there are plenty of good manga today. But I still read articles and other blogs. Sometimes I read books such as novels and educational one. I usually read while commuting to work because it kills time while we are having long...
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    Too old to play games?

    I believe playing video games requires no age. Whoever you are or no matter what age you're in, you can play video games as long as you want it! BUT THERE ARE VIDEO GAMES THAT AREN'T SUITABLE FOR SOME AGES such as games that kids shouldn't be playing.
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    Recommended Kpop groups/songs?

    I'm a huge fan of BTS boy group and Blackpink girl group. I did not like them because they are one of the most popular kpop group nowadays, but I like them because I enjoy their music and I also like the members. In fact, I have known these two groups even when they are just starting to become...
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    How much time a day do you spend gaming?

    I only spend 1-2 hours of playing video games at night before I go to sleep. This happens everyday except on weekend. I only spend more than two hours during my free time on weekend which is my rest days especially Sundays. But when I got so much interested on my gameplay then I extend my time...
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    Do you watch anime?

    Yes, I do watch anime. A lot of anime in different genres. Aside from video gaming, I also like watching anime for past time and for relaxation. Sometimes, I got addicted to some ongoing series and those are actually the popular one. My most favorite anime series is Boruto as of now.
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    Any other interests aside from gaming?

    Yes, I'm quite fond of biking with my brother every weekends. It serves as our bonding at the same time while having fun and exercise in biking. They said it was quite not recommended for girls to ride a bike more often but I don't care as long as I'm enjoying it then why not.
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    Manga Maniacs

    I'm currently rooting for Hunter x Hunter manga, though it does not update more often times but I'm still hoping that it will come to an end that the story will be already finished. Aside from Hunter x Hunter, I often read other genres of manga and I'm reading via random picks. I have this manga...
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    Everything Anime Thread

    Have any of you guys here know the anime Guilty Crown? It isn't my most favorite anime but I want to know who else appreciate the anime the way I appreciate it. First, the character designs are very amazing as well as the graphics and animations. Then, the story is very emotional for me but the...
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    Music While Gaming?

    If the game I'm playing on isn't a rank game or a serious battle with other online players then I do listening to music while playing a casual mode game. It's cool and it gives you more enjoyment on game. Though it somehow take away your attention and focus to the game but I always make sure...
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    Could you go 24 hours without a screen?

    I don't think it's applicable in this generation because you have to be updated to your surroundings. Time passes faster nowadays and there's a lot of changes every seconds so I don't think I can go without any type of mobile device with me. Also, it is a form of communication to people and we...