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    What are you currently playing?

    I'm playing FE: Fates. I'm saving up Paypal money for Conquest since I only have Birthright at the moment. What I'm playing right now, though, is ROBLOX.
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    What is the oldest working console you own?

    Maybe a GBA or a Gamecube. I remember way back when my older brothers decided to sell the Nintendo 64. I was so against it! They sold it and some games anyway. We got ripped off which really upsets me.
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    do you pay for games

    When someone gives me a Google Play gift card, then I consider buying paid games. Aside from that, no. There is a decent amount of free games to keep me occupied, so I don't really feel the need to buy games on mobile devices.
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    Anyone concerned about DLC and Micro-transactions from Nintendo?

    I agree with what others have said above. Nintendo's DLC has always been good quality. That said, for FE: Fates, it was disappointing to get the game a year later and then already have over $70 worth of DLC ($25 if we're not counting other routes) there. It makes me feel so behind.
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    Do you think the next Nintendo system will keep the "Wii" name?

    I certainly hope not. As others have said above, it confused older buyers, and considering that Nintendo has a large audience of smaller children (and thus adults purchasing things and surprising their children), it's really not a smart thing to do. I wonder how many parents just decided to...