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    Ever played DOTA?

    Yes! But DOTA 1 only. This is not the name I used to refer it to but I guess it is because there is a DOTA 2 that is why the original DOTA maps version is now referred as DOTA 1. Anyway, I played DOTA or DOTA 1 when I was in high school. I'm not bragging or anything but I used to be a good...
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    What is your best vacation spot?

    I like beaches. I'm lucky that our country has a lot of amazing beaches. Observing the sun gently kissing the horizon during nightfall, listening to the sound of waves at night, feel the cold breeze of the air, it gives me a piece of mind. That is why, beaches are my favorite vacation spot. How...
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    Streams you watch?

    I watched gaming streamers related to PUBG and NBA2k. Troydan is my favorite. He is funny and enjoyable to watch. His contents are amazing too. I usually watch streamers on their YouTube channel.
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    What’s the movie that you can’t get enough with?

    Forrest Gump. I think I have watched this movie for more than 10 times. For me, this movie has everything for you to re watch. Comedy, drama, action, war, historical events. It is a good feeling to watch how a single person, that may have some sort of intelligence deficiency, to influence some...
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    Everything Anime Thread

    Anime has a huge part of my childhood. I do remember when I was a kid, every time that school hours will end, I would immediately go home just to watch the opening song of Flame of Recca. Following by ghost fighter, slamdunk and dragon ball Z. As I grow older, I have been reduced on watching...
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    Music While Gaming?

    I love to listen on alternative rock songs, sometimes I would go to classical depending on my mood. But when playing pc games, I prefer not to simultaneously listen to any type music. I would rather listen to the soundtrack of the game. And another thing is that, the noise of game is one of the...
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    Do you watch anime?

    Yes. Absolutely. Anime has a huge part of my childhood. I do remember that slamdunk was the first anime I had seen. I believe I was like 6 years old. Right now, I still watch anime. I currently watching Attack on Titan season 3. And I'm really hooked to it. I can't wait to see how to story goes...
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    Any other interests aside from gaming?

    Yes. Aside from playing NBA2k18 on my PC, I also engaged in playing the real basketball. It just makes your body fit and you can have a bonding with your friends. I have also interest on reading or watching anime. I currently watching Attack on Titan Season 3. And I'm really hooked with it.
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    PUBG mobile or ROS mobile?

    The graphics of these games are pretty good especially for a mobile. Nowadays, graphics has step up in mobiles games and these two are the best example of it. But which is better? I would go to PUBG. I will not say it has the better graphics because they are both good. But what I like in PUBG...
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    Why do you choose PC over console?

    Mainly, because aside from PC gaming, you can surf the internet and use it in technical ways. I do aware there are consoles that able to access internet but it can't beat PC. You can do a lot of things in PC. Also, nowadays, PC has step up. You can use VR, bluetooth, wifi etc. And lastly, for...
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    How good is your gaming skills

    I'm not bragging or anything but I remember back in those days that I'm being dubbed by my friends as "Master" because I used to be good on FPS games such as Counter Strike. As I grow old, and spent limited time in playing computer games, I think I'm no longer good that I used to be. But I would...
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    How old were you when you first got into gaming?

    I do remember playing computer games for the very first time when I was in 5th grade. I think I was around 10 years old at that time. I was influenced by my childhood friend and the first computer game I have ever played is Battle Realms. As of today, I still love to play this game on my PC.
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    Most Impressive Mobile Games Today

    I would say, PUBG mobile is the best game for mobile so far. Concept of the game would always the main reason for me to say that the game is good. PUBG mobile is just a mobile version of PUBG on steam. So, the concept is identical. Secondly, the graphics of this mobile game is way ahead than...
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    What's the first game you've been addicted with?

    I do remember when I was kid, I would saved couple of coins so I could rent a PC for an hour in a computer cafe to play Battle Realms. I'm so amazed with the graphics of this game and the game-play itself. It is like you are watching Japanese-samurai movie. Every dismissal of the class, I would...
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    Can you skip meals because of games?

    Well, based on my experience, I normally can skip meals because of computer games. I'm not really a hardcore gamer but there are times that you are really engage to the game and don't want to be interrupted. I guess this is my main reason to skip meals because of computer gaming.