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    I like the Steelsound... Great comfort and awesome sound. We have a review HERE...
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    Space Ace HD for PC

    I rememebr Space Ace... one of the Don Bluth FMV games like Dragon's Lair... I don't honestly know if I'm praying they KEPT or GOT RID OF the game interface honestly... I remember the arcare game being MONSTROUSLY frustrating - basically remembering a pattern and inputting responses at certain...
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    My book just hit Amazon!

    Wow.... this hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks. This is REALLY starting to become "real" for me. It's currently in Pre-order status, with a release date of October 1. Here's the link...
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    Life should be like an MMO?

    Ctrl+Alt+Del is usualy just OK, but I really liked this one (even if they spelled "breathe" wrong). :cookiemon
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    I sold my book!!!

    Marcon ( ) is a largish con with pretty good panels - I've met writers and editors there. It's held on Labor Day. Context (smaller, older crowd, *lots* of writers and editors - this is where I made my score: ) is held in October. Also...
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    I sold my book!!!

    It's not pride... It simply opens up the market to publishers that otherwise will not take an "unsolicited submission" (and there are more every day - check Writer's Market). And I know PLENTY of authors that started with an agent as opposed to a slush pile. Ideally for a new writer you want...
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    I sold my book!!!

    The original had the belt thingie and nothing else, and I said "not bad, but, even though I know it might cost me my official "Guy" card, I really think sne needs pants." Looks like he recolored the legs rather than draw clothing. What can I say? Tim seems to like his nekkid chicks...
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    I sold my book!!!

    Good luck, man! Were you planning on starting with an agent or just going right to the slush pile? I ask because more and more houses are not looking at "unagented" works (Tor seems to be something of a rareity in this regard) - in other words, they're relying on agents as rthe slush pile now...
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    I sold my book!!!

    This just gets cooler and cooler (well, OK, for ME, anyway)... GALLERY PAGE: Tim Lantz (the cover artist for Juno) just put up my cover art peice for reprint. Available in 8"x10" or 16"x20". This is direct from Tim (so I don't get...
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    Got my Lord of the Rings MMO beta...

    Hehehe.... now if they'll just give me some slack in the NDA so I can do a Preview for you guys, we'll be golden. Look for more details soon! Is anyone else in the beta so far?
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    What Features

    Screw the fancy stuff man... How about just creating a Hardware page, so all the reviews I've done over the last two years have a home finally? I don't know the precise figures, but I'd bet that for everyone here that messes with Podcasts, MG points and all the other "gee whiz" stuff, we...
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    slammed doors

    Um... Churches collapse on their congregations every year. I've never heard a Christian claim that God won't "allow" you to suffer... Just that the suffering is all part of His Glorious and Unknowable plan. I'm not going to turn this support thread into a religious debate, other than to...
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    I got a 360!

    Are your 360s REALLY loud? I can hear the disc spinning in mine from across the room. I have mine flat, not vertical... Are they quieter when set on end, perhaps? It's the only thing I'm disliking about the thing so far....
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    I sold my book!!!

    The publisher liked "Blood Magic Book One: The Ballad of Kirin Widowmaker". I can live with that - it's very close to what I had initially. Book Two is still untitled but I have some ideas. Just started on the outline for it on Monday! :cookiemon
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    slammed doors

    Sorry this happened to you man... This sort of thing has happened to me in the past, and it has always lead to bigger and better things in the end... It sometimes took a few months for those "open doors" to reveal themselves, but eventually they did. Hang in there! What can you do, what...