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    Best Assassin's Creed Game?

    The first one is epic, Altair is my favorite character from this franchise
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    Uncharted 2= best game ever?

    This is the Best of the trilogy, i'm waitng for the 4th
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    GTA 5 PS3 vs PS4

    If you have a PS3 get on it, but if you have a PS4 i tell you...PS4 Version!!!
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    Streaming Games

    I used to watch Twitch but I do not stream
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    Reasons for not buying a PS4 just yet

    Waiting for more exclusive games I guess...
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    Still Playing PS2?

    Yeah I still got one, and I play mostly Survival horror games and Metal gear solid 2 and 3.
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    I hate Sony

    Sony will be my favorite always and Could'nt say that Xbox is worst I am a fan of videogames.
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    PS4 is now obsolete technology, you still want one?

    PS4 is awesome, their graphics look very good, the Next gen it's great and powerful engine but if you ask what I prefer I would like PC advanced.
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    Where the hell is The Last Guardian???

    Also I've waiting for this game, Looks awesome, they said it will come for the PS3 but I think it is for PS4 now.