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    Which PC games are good for younger Kids?

    How young are we talking? Anything that helps them use their imagination would be good for younger kids. Minecraft, Garry's Mod, The Sims, Sim City...basically anything where you have to think. There's lots of good indie puzzle games like The Bridge on Steam. If they're not super young a...
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    Still Playing PS2?

    I still have my PS2 but it hasn't been hooked up in years; I game almost exclusively on PC now. It's a shame PS3 doesn't have backwards compatibility; I'd love to fire up Metal Gear Solid again.
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    What game got you started?

    I had played video games at friends and relatives houses but the first game that really sucked me in was the mototcycle drag racing game Road Rash on Playstation. It had an awesome grunge soundtrack and full motion video cutscenes that were really well done. I spent so much time playing it my...
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    Oldies Unite! Break out the Pong

    I remember playing Pitfall Harry on Atari in my buddy's basement! One of my earliest memories is playing shareware Doom on my grandfathers PC. When I was a teenager I found an old Windows 95 PC in my basement, got it up and running and discovered Castle Wolfenstein installed on it, spent hours...
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    Anyone excited for GTA V PC?

    Anyone planning on picking up GTA V for the PC? Do you think the new features and content are worth a purchase.? First person mode is a new feature for the GTA series. It looks pretty cool, but I'm so used to playing GTA in 3rd person so i'm not sure if it'll just be a gimmick or actually...
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    Best mobile games that can be played in little time

    I was really into 2048 for a while, good puzzle game, plus its free. Bubble Breaker or one of its clones is pretty addictive. Tetris is always a classic. If you want a game with a little more substance, there's a game in the iPhone store called Shining Force. It's a port of an old SEGA...
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    The future of gaming

    The Oculus Rift is really cool and has some enormous potential, but I don't think it will be standard video game hardware for at least a decade or so. Radical new technology like this always has a bunch of kinks that need ironing out. There's really no way to catch each and every issue on...
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    What are you playing these days?

    Love me some Battlefield 3 on PC! I got it with a Humble Bundle for like $5 along with some other games, then I waited till Premium went on sale and picked that up. Battlefield is my favorite FPS series; I've been playing since Battlefield 1942. Besides BF3 I just picked up Civilization...
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    How often do you upgrade your system?

    I upgrade every couple of years, my hardware easily lasts most of a console generation. My Nvidia 9500 GT lasted me from 2008 to up to a couple months ago. I was able to play Skyrim and Diablo III no problems but I was having issues with Battlefield 3. After I got a new video card I doubled...
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    Any other Hardcore PC gamers out there?

    I've been gaming on PCs for well over a decade now; upgrading has never really been much of an issue. If you avoid the big brands like Dell and Compaq and build your own rig than it's not that much more expensive than a console and if you get high end components then you'll easily last most if...