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    Game genres

    Didn't see a thread dedicated specifically to genres, that you adore and can't live without. Is it RPG, shooters, driving games, strategy, simulation or what? Me, I am a very versatile gamer: I shoot bad guys from time to time, I drive behind a lambo, smash zombies' heads, build pixelated houses...
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    Post-apocalyptic Fallout 3

    I'll be really naive and hope that they will do a sequel, Bethesda being the developer. Imagine Fallout 4 with good ragdoll physics and normal graphics... Now wouldn't that be effin amazing?!
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    Do you actually play games that push your PC?

    Yeah, I push my PC to the fullest. But the thing is that it's 'fullest' is a little less than medium in Battlefield 3, so that kinda sucks. I'm planning on upgrading my video card, see how it goes.
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    The future of gaming

    LOL'd at the video! :D I should move to bigger town, such testings are nowhere to be seen around me.. I wonder if the VR would deliver the same kind of emotions with no headphones?
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    Halo 4

    I'll just pretend that I didn't see the fact that you talked about Battlefield like that. ;) It outwins Halo in every possible way, my friend.
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    ps3 vs ps4 really? ;) The Last of Us, Gran Turismo 6 and others prove their point.
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    The future of gaming

    The convenience of sitting behind a device that you know how to use is far better, than new technologies. That's what you're implying, right? Well, people 20 years ago said that personal computers will absolutely NOT be a thing in our homes, and what do we have? :)
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    Reasons for not buying a PS4 just yet go there, matey. ;) and yeah, I completely agree with you - PS4 is not currently worth the cash.
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    Halo 4

    I thought about getting this game, but threw away that intention in a second, when xbox fanboys started talking about how amazing and terrific and divine Halo is... then I quietly left.
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    Best MMORPG?...besides World of Warcraft?

    Fallen Earth. It's, uhhm.... really addicting and it has an interesting concept. Not a lot more. Remember spending my whole free time on that game, it's really worth the time if you try and get into the roots of the game. ;) Oh, and it's f2p. It looks something like this.
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    What game got you started?

    I'm even more hipster and the games that got me started were Super Mario and Super Mario Karts. Console gaming was something... special. NES and duck hunting were the shit!
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    More Upgrades on the way

    Can absolutely see this page thriving. Miss those days when gamers used to be a one huge community and not just a bunch of separate groups, who hate people with a different gaming taste. GL&HF!
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    Any other Hardcore PC gamers out there?

    Oh, geez, if I told my mom that I want a PC that costs more than her monthly salary, she would start laughing maniacally. :D
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    ps3 vs ps4

    Agree, consoles have that exclusiveness that PC gamers can only wish for, but the fact is, that PS3 is still a thing and it still maintains its value.
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    Any other Hardcore PC gamers out there?

    Well I justify people 100% who are from the IT area, but I what really doesn't get out of my mind is the fact that young teenagers' dream is to build a PC, which can do anything. But the best thing is that they'll still play old games, because the new ones won't be their taste, most likely.