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    Next gen wars updates?

    its hard to say were the wii fits in. its a console of coarse, but really to me its like a virtual reality type, or the closet thing we get to a virtual reality
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    Next gen wars updates?

    right here
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    its out.

    zelda's music is a classic, if some one started playing that on the streets...which would be weird but you would go, " hey thats zelda!" it be like adding a electric guitar to baytovens symphany. and there is new weapons, new stuff added, fighting changes, from the transition from the cube...
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    Sony vs. Sony?

    i think the only reason rumble was made was for the ladys? huh? huh? the thing is though that we have come acusmtum to having a rumble, and then all of a sudden its gone is weird. all its needed for is affect, and if its adds the the sense of realness to a punch agents a persons jaw, then thats...
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    What games are you currently playing?

    alright alright ill be the bigger man and answer the quetsion. besides playing WoW and Gears, i have been going back to Oblivion and doing more quests. and not much from there, ill occasionally play battlefield2 online, but really im just re-playing the games i already own and pretty much...
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    It's round the conner

    im definatly looking forward to halo3 but that wont be tell the end of the year : (, but i am looking forward to Burning Crusade. Bioshock ( when ever that comes out ) hopein for a wii for my B-day, but who knows. looking forward to getting a car this summer, and well.... idk really, well i am...
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    Sony vs. Sony?

    there's only certan games that a rumble needs to make a game better. a racing game. some fighter games, and shooters all need rumble to add that certan effect.
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    Question of the Day

    my fondest memory was getting this Giant ass lego castle set, and my brother getting this western cowboy set and me making fun ok him cause mine was way kewler then his. IT HAD A FRICKEN DRAGON!
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    Sony vs. Sony?

    rumbles add for a nice affect, but you would think with the ps3 graphics you would want rumble so you feel like your in the game.
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    Sony vs. Sony?

    that reminds me of the time in the 2000 elections when bush and his cousin at fox ( YES HIS COUSING WORKS AT FOX) and declared him the winner, so all the other stations said " hey if fox is doing it we should do it!" and not to mention all the black communitys vote that was lost or never counted.
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    best PC game in the past 6 months

    can anyone tell me how "age of Empires 1 or 2" is? since im getting a new comp i want to play some games i could never be able to play on the one i have now.
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    the only time i get new hardwear is christmas and birthdays. but since i know im getting a new laptop.(cause i signed for it in the mail yesterday) i'll give u a description for the fun of it
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    Sony vs. Sony?

    well thats your opinion and i respect that. i on the other hand take notice to all the hard work put into a game and see the amazing enviroment out of it. i dont believe that Video games are 100% art, but i would say that about 20% to 30% games have amazing artisctic values. but i will say that...
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    Sony vs. Sony?

    spudly how do you not consider Games not a form of art? cause i agree half of some games look like S**t, but the other half is a cinamatic beauty. look at GOW half of the game takes place in a gothic arcatecture city. and look at Okami, it like a japenese oil painting.
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    Splinter Cell: Double Agent

    so its a good one huh.... yea i have been way to busy to start a new game until i finish my list...... but i must play it and watch Sam break threw ice and kill someone.