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    Watch us Stream, Win a Game

    Any time there is more than 10 People in the stream I will be raffling off a game. All you have to do is either follow us on twitter or favorite the stream, or both, to know when we go live, then jump on the stream. Every time you have a chance of winning something.
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    Steam sale steals?

    hold your breath. Steam has a weird habit of not dropped that much in sales recently--doubly so for popular games. Xenoverse was unexpectedly popular, good, and well received, so don't expect to get it for a song any time soon. They are going to try and milk that for as long as humanly possible.
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    Halo MCC - 3 months later, still broken

    Wait, it is still fucking broken? IT HAS BEEN HALF A FUCKING YEAR?!?
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    What game stands the test of time?

    Quest for Glory 1. That game is still dumb fun.
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    What is your opinion on the growing eSport scene?

    The one thing that eSports has been lacking is good commentary. That normally takes a generation of players to retire before you can get some of them that were good enough to be in the game, get injured or age out, still be sane enough to talk, and then have the gift of being able to do so...
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    Best Free PC Games

    DoTA 2 is kind of crazy. You really can't go wrong with that or League. That stuff is just amazing on so many levels.
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    Dual monitors?

    Never cared about the dual monitor until they forced them on me at work (IT day job, aside from this site). After that it was almost needed just because of how much stuff I could fit on the screen at once. Be warned, as you can probably tell by this thread, there is something call screen...
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    Cheapest way to get a 3ds?

    I love my New 3DS. The 3DS on it works in a non-painful way. That is, of course, if you are willing to drop double the amount on it. Either that or get a used one from a friend or Gamestop. Hell, I normally just give my old one away to friends for no reason when I get the new system. My...
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    Damnit, I have no idea where that clock thinks it is getting its time, but I am sure I am not 20 hours in. That can't be right. Fuck that. No way... Good game. Wish I had given it more of a chance on the Wii. Thoughts?
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    Silent Hills Cancelled

    I wouldn't hold my breath on Konami publishing any new massive IPs in the near future. It probably isn't a popular opinion to have, but the best moves that they can make right now are cheap, easy, solid ground work stuff. Mainly doing PS2 classics and things like that to get some quick cash...
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    Did you ever play...

    Hell yes. Played that terrible Ghostbusters game there too. That was impressively bad.
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    Giving away a FREE TF2 hat!

    Pft, I am always giving away free things on this forum to beggers though.
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    Are excited for GTA V on PC tomorrow?

    Someone is less than honest and doesn't buy all of their PC games?!?!?! I love GTA on the PC. Years after they come out. When people have modded the living hell out of them. Rockstar has a super poor track record with PC games. The launch of 4 was one of the worst in recent memory (a common...
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    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    A ton of the one hit stuff has been moved to the later game. The earlier Monster Hunters loved to give you quests where you would have to steal a Dragon egg while you were not where armor or something along those lines. It did a great job teaching you how important armor upgrades were, but it...
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    Free Game! Just Reply!

    I guess that is the winner. Closing contest. Thanks for playing?