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    Would you rent or buy games?

    If I can't get a used copy of the game, I usually wait for the game to go on sale. I don't like paying the game in full price because the price always goes down a few months after its release. I just play the older titles now while I wait for the price of the ones to decline.
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    The best graphics card you've had in this moment?

    I only have a GTX 1050Ti. It's only an entry level graphics card and I think it is enough to play MOBA games. If I am playing other games, I usually do it on my PS4 because I play their exclusives.
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    What genre of games do you like to play? (MOBA, MMO, RPG, FPS, etc.)

    MOBA, MMO, and single player RPGs are my favorite genres of games. Since I was a kid I was an RTS player and I switched to MOBA when I discovered it. On the side, I play MMO and story-oriented RPGs because I want to play games that have good storytelling. I'm no good in FPS games because I have...
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    Any other interests aside from gaming?

    Aside from gaming, I watch anime and read books during free time. I recently picked up this hobby of reading books because I read somewhere about its benefits. I also quit social media this year but the last few years I spend a lot of time there too.
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    Ever played DOTA?

    I used to play both DOTA 1 and 2. When I was in high school most of my friends are playing DOTA and we always play after school. In College many of my friends are playing League of Legends so I switched to it because I enjoy more when I play with my friends.
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    Mobile Legends Free Diamonds.

    I used to play Mobile Legends and owning skins there gives you some advantage because you have higher damage compared to those who have no skins. How can you prove that your method of getting Diamonds is legit and won't ban its users?
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    Which gaming console are you most inclined to? (PS, XBOX, NINTENDO, PC, Mobile, etc.)

    It depends on the person. I am both a PC and Console guy. I mostly play MOBA games on PC because they are available there and runs better compared to their mobile counterparts. I play on console/PlayStation 4 because I love their exclusives and owning the console is the only way to play them for...
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    Do you think it's worth it to get a Switch now?

    The Nintendo Switch has been out for a long time now. There are arguably many games now compared to its early days and I think many greats are still coming. I think it's a great time to get a Switch now. Do you think so too?
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    How big of a problem do you think gaming addiction is?

    Gaming addiction is really bad if you are spending too much time on your video games and it is at the top of your priorities. We should only spend a fraction of our time in games so we don't get addicted and waste away our lives on them. It will really be a big problem if we are ignoring other...
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    Your First PC Game

    My first PC game was The Sims. The PC where I played it wasn't mine too. I am always visiting my friend's house and he lets me play with his computer when he is playing with his console.
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    What Game are you afraid of playing alone?

    Horror games like Resident Evil 7 are a no-no for me. I don't want or rather I can't play these types of games by myself. I would rather watch a Let's Play of Pewdiepie or TheRadBrad to play this game and I did. I enjoy watching someone else play horror games because I am so into horror although...
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    What are you currently playing?

    I'm currently playing God of War 4 on PS4. I just bought a copy of the game. Alongside this game, I play League of Legends. I always play an offline game and an online game together to have some variety.
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    Do you have an extensive collection of games?

    I would if I don't sell the games I have finished. To save a bit of cash I sell my PS4 physical game copies after finishing them. Then I'll buy another game from the cash I got from selling. Rinse and repeat.
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    Games That You Always Come Back To

    I always come back to League of Legends and DOTA 2. After losing streaks, I play other casual games to relieve my stress and I don't play these two MOBA games for months and even years. But once someone asks me to play with them again, I learn to enjoy MOBA games again and return playing them.