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    Any Dragon Age fans?

    I skipped Dragon Age 2 for gaming budget reasons (also heard it was a disappointment from many people, so it went lower on my priorities, but I have every intention of going through it at some point), but I loved Origins and I was loving Inquisition. Life got in the way of my Inquisition...
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    Games That You Always Come Back To

    There's many, but Killing Floor, Total War games (especially Empire), Age of Empires 2, Age of Mythology, Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis/Resistance, Call of Duty 4, Oblivion... those are some examples of games I go back to every once in a while, and have done for many years.
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    You're trapped on a desert island for 90 days with 3 game series...

    1. Elder Scrolls. 2. Call of Duty 3. Total War I'm pretty sure I could make it 90 days with those. I feel someone might be surprised by my inclusion of Call of Duty, but really it's a very different type of game as far as pace (and genre), and I've replayed the campaigns many times, plus...
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    What's your favorite game (musical) score?

    I don't think I have just one favorite to top them all, but I'm gonna mention one in particular for this thread. The score to Demon's Souls. What an exquisite set of pieces beautifully performed by a real orchestra. I love how the Japanese compose... they're very musical, which sounds dumb but...
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    Do you watch anime?

    I still watch some anime from time to time. The most recent has been stuff like Attack On Titan, the new Berserk movies, Fate/Stay Night... Some of my favorites back in the day were Monster, Black Lagoon, Cowboy Bebop, Utawarerumono, Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X, Ergo Proxy, Fullmetal Alchemist...
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    Old Nintendo games on Wii

    I love being able to buy those old games. I've bought a few off the Wii U's eShop that I missed back then, such as EarthBound, some I had a taste of but never owned, like Breath of Fire, and some classics I loved back in the day, like Advance Wars or Paper Mario. I have a question maybe you...
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    What are you reading?

    I've read over a hundred books, but probably less than 15 in the past 5 years or so. I've lost the habit of reading and I'm trying to get back into it. I'm starting a book my ex gave me for Christmas, it's by Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich and it's titled Voices From Chernobyl. In...
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    What's the Most Difficult Megaman?

    I only played MegaMan 8, 9 and the X series. For me, the toughest (mind you... not that I finished any of them 'til MMX was remade for iPhone) was by far MegaMan X4 for the PS1, closely followed by X2 on SNES. Crazy difficult games, but just as awesome! Ah, and the music!
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    Favorite N64 games

    For me, personally, these are my favorites: -Conker's Bad Fur Day. Probably the videogame I've played the most hours in my life, wish it had a counter. Multiplayer with friends was a blast we'd often have, but I was on it all the damn time, replaying the story mode but mostly playing against AI...
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    Where do you buy your games?

    I buy PC games on Steam, Humble Bundle and most recently GOG. Consoles games either at my local major videogame retail chain (Game Planet, or Game Rush by Blockbuster movie rental stores), or the stalls and shops at local markets (better prices sometimes). On the very rare occasion...
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    Favorite N64 games

    Many of us grew up with the N64 and have very fond memories of it, enjoying some solo time or having a blast with friends. Regardless, most of us will have played many of this console's games and remember some as our best experiences of the time. What are yours? :D
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    Anyone fall in love with Alundra?

    It was a pretty cool game, but I was much too young when I had it. I hadn't really learned English back then (not my native language, obviously :p) so it was pretty tough trying to figure everything out and obviously missing out on the good stuff that are dialogues, plot, etc... Regardless, it...
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    What game soundtracks do you have on your playlist?

    Tons! I love videogame music and soundtracks/scores in general. There's obviously classics like the Final Fantasy series, Zelda, etc... But I also very much enjoy the music to Demon's Souls, Silent Hill series, Two Worlds, Killing Floor, Splinter Cell series, Hitman series, etc...
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    What upcoming Wii U games are you most hyped for?

    Well, there's a bunch of cool games being released at these times of the year and still a few more to go, not to mention some big titles pending for next year. So which are the ones you're most looking forward to? For me, it's the new Star Fox, Xenoblade Chronicles X and the new Zelda next year!
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    Champions League

    I agree, Arsenal desperately need a good striker. Not that Giroud isn't good, but they need a pure striker, someone who goes for goal and does it well. Someone like Falcao, Chicharito, Ibrahimovic, etc... When they were after Benzema? I didn't think that'd work out very well. He's insanely...