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    Ninendo Wii

    I know grasshopper...i missed you too.... But stop calling me your god it is embarassing :sugarglid
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    My Gender Revealed (Finally!)

    It was my understand...that Teddy Bears are NOT attracted to my Vagina...but then is just my vagina so I could be mistaken. There are times when I am sleeping...I don't know where it has been...but I see it won first prize. And it isn't as sacry as Oprah's but not much is. Rule of...
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    My Gender Revealed (Finally!)

    Katie: alas I was...with the Army we don't get much choice. My fam live in Ohio and until we get Hubby's orders figured out that is where I am to be. You ever notice we talk about spud like he is our severly retarded son? "Spuds our special little guy!" We must encourage him at everything he...
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    My Gender Revealed (Finally!)

    my cries for attention center around poking spud...but that is about it. My vagina has powers that he and Wijg fear, and Stan is a vicious circle. Roach: i missed fucking with you all.
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    Ninendo Wii

    I got mine yesterday, I am impressed so far. my arms do get tired after a little while but overall the game play is fun and engaging. I am going to start d/l the classic games as soon as i can locate a classic controller.
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    My Gender Revealed (Finally!)

    i am a girl....
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    Rule of Rose

    Okay seriously the most distrubing game I have EVER played. It is not scary in the sense that it is is just....wrong on so many levels. I guess can understand why it is "banned" in Great Britian, I would never let my 6 year old niece play the game but that covers a ton of games...
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    Top Ten for the PS2 no particular order 1. Final Fantasy 10 2. Fatal Frame 2 3. Fatal Frame 4. Shadow Hearts 2 5. Shadow Hearts 3 6. Rule of Rose <----Fucking kick ass game omfg 7.Soul Calibur 2 8. Silent Hill 3 9. Valkyire Profile 2 10. Medal of Honor Frontline
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    15 more members!!!

    yeah i think you'll scare them off creepy stalker man
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    Kingdom Hearts 2? Piece of shit or not?

    Okay is it a piece of shit or not. I just bought Shadow Hearts 3 and loved it. And I am looking for my next game. i don't want to spend my money and time on crap. Which I am afraid it might be...
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    Beth Is Getting Married

    Thank you all for the congrats. It means a lot. I am happy. I do have a dress already. I am working on bridesmaids and Flower girls now. ^_^ We are looking towards October as a date. I am taking any suggestions as to fun places for honeymoons! I'll fed ex you some cake. dood we need an...
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    For all new members....

    *gives Alex a hen* He likes poultry
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    Beth Is Getting Married

    Yes children I am getting married and not to Alex or Stan. But my crusade to elect Bennet Campbell to the presidency will not fail! I will stay strong. By the way...what party are we going to run him under? I vote for the Doo party :scoobydoo
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    Are you a D&D geek?

    yes BC you are the biggest Whale Penis (Dork) in the world.
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    Most Badass Characters

    bad ass character = Wijg