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    Contractual agreement...

    League of Legends, or any other super replayable competitive title. However, I like video games too much to play just one forever. So this question would never happen. But the life of being a QA tester isn't far from that fear.
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    Why are Wiis going so cheap now?

    Wii is now last gen tech, but furthermore, the market is flooded with them. The Wii is close to the best selling console of all time, and due to the Wii Fit craze of 2008/2009, Wii's are everywhere. It's kind of like buying a Ps2 versus a Ps1.
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    What Xbox 360 Games Do You Have Left?

    If I turn my head to the right, I have my entire collection. They're also in alphabetical order, so that's neat. Borderlands 1 & 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Chronicles of Riddick Dark Athena, Condemned 1 & 2, Crackdown, The Darkness, Dead Rising 1, Dead Rising 2, DJ Hero, Elder Scrolls...
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    What annoys you most about Xbox One?

    I haven't had much issue with Kinect recognizing voice commands (except "scroll down" in IE). However, I hate that I default to "if it's messed up, hard reset the console." Unplugging the power usually fixes anything that might be hampering the machine (crashes, lockups, whatever), but I...
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    Where do you buy your games?

    I worked at Gamestop for about 7 years. I actually just bought two games at Gamestop a few hours ago, but now I check for the lowest price. I used to buy everything there because of employee discount, etc, but as of late I've been checking on Amazon as well as big box retailers. I liked it...
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    New to 3DS, Loving Every Second

    I sat around and didn't purchase a Nintendo 3DS for the longest time, mainly because I was never interested in the handheld market. Eventually, I had to cough up and buy one due to Legend of Zelda OoT and Majora's Mask (I'm an obnoxiously huge Zelda fan). That being said, I love my Luigi 30th...
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    What game stands the test of time?

    DOOM and Duke Nukem 3D still hold up perfectly for me. Beyond that, the Point n Click adventure genre ages incredibly well. While I don't know if my inherent love of Point n Click adventures fogs my view, but I think they're some of the strongest pre-2000's PC games, no doubt.
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    LucasArts Adventure Games

    I was also a fan of "Humongous Adventures" i.e. Putt Putt Saves the Zoo, Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise, Spy Fox. I grew up on those games, and eventually matured into Day of the Tentacle, Sam n Max Hit the Road, and LOOM. While my heart does lie with DOTT and Sam n Max, LOOM really has an...
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    What's the Most Difficult Megaman?

    I always like seeing everyone's opinions on which Megaman game is the hardest. I'm going to go ahead and keep it in the 8-bit era for this (although MMX is one of my favorites). I'm going to say Megaman 9 or 10 are definitely the hardest. Everything past MM4 was super easy, in my opinion...
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    Games With Gold

    From what I understand after Microsoft's Gamescom keynote, Xbox 360 games in the Games With Gold service will be backwards compatible on Xbox One. Meaning, if you own a Xbox One, you'd be getting four free games a month. I'm always excited to see what's going to be free next month.