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    Ever played DOTA?

    I only played dota 1 and I'm really missing it. The days wodota is the only thing that I am watching. Nevermore Mid lane the crow the runes the farm. It's all timeless.
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    Mobile Legends Free Diamonds.

    Man you just need to watch a bunch of ads. here at my country I use freenet.apk and Snippetmedia.apk to earn points to be converted to diamonds.
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    What's are the best PSP games?

    Final Fantasy men any Final Fantasy.
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    Your Favorite PSP

    Tell me what is your favorite PSP version?
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    battlefield hardline

    Anyone here playing or played battlefield hardline? I'm currently at the episode 9 really enjoying the game <3
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    Nintendo Switch

    Tell me your favorite Nintendo Switch game right now. Coz I'm Planning to buy some new games and I'm looking for recommendations.
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    GTA V

    @Jordan94 wow your friend is definitely amazing. O wonder how much time did it cost him.
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    What do you watch on Youtube?

    Men's Fashion. I always look out for new tutorials how to style and look smart at any occassion. Youtube is a big help for me. I'm currently subscribe with teachmensfashion and alpha m
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    Free To Play MMO Suggestions

    Adventure QUest bro this builds up my childhood memories.
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    League of Legends

    I don't play LOL anymore beacause of the tight schedule. Before I was playing like from 10 am up to 12 am or more my only break is eating. I miss League of Legends
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    Mobile Legends Free Diamonds.

    Are you playing mobile legends? if your answer is yes then definitely you are looking for diamonds without spending a single dollar you can get diamonds. Using specific apps, WAIT don't worry it's legal so you are very safe from being ban. Reply to this thread if you already knew how. And for...
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    What consoles do you currently own that still work?

    I don't have any gaming console right now, but I'm planning to buy a new one <3
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    Could you go 24 hours without a screen?

    Literally Yes, but definitely No my work requires a lot about pc phones tv so screens are like with me every single day. Without a screen a good music might do the thing.
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    AMD or NVIDIA?

    It's a NVIDIA for me. I'm using Nvidia for more than 5 years and I don't have any complain about it, it's like every cent that you spent is really worth it. But to be fair I never tried AMD so I can't have my own review about it that's why I'm making the safe choice.
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    do you pay for games

    Nope never, I never paid for games, But I do improvise by searching in the internet how to earn gold diamond or tokens for a game.