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    Mother's Day

    I know it's getting buried in the E3 coverage - but there's a pretty sweet review written by my mom that we posted on Mother's Day - check it out here:
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    Howdy from E3

    Hi everyone! Just thought I'd check in and say hi. I've stopped looking around completely awestruck for about 2 seconds to check my emails and have a look at the site and thought that I'd say hi to all of you at home! We're having a great time at E3 and seeing some amazing stuff. Plans for...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2? Piece of shit or not?

    I agree, the beginning was pretty slow and long. Also the parts of the storyline when you visit disney worlds are pretty stale - not only were they in the disney movies the first time, but sometimes were partially in the first Kingdom Hearts too. I do have to say though that the original parts...
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    Happy Bday, Huddy!

    Happy birthday Bri! I'll call you soon to give you crap for being old. :-)
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    Would you rather pay for cable by the channel?

    I can take you - bring it on, spuds.
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    Would you rather pay for cable by the channel?

    I am frightened by and heartily disagree with anything that republicans sponsor.
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    Steelers Supa Bowl Champs!!!

    I'm ashamed about our candy problem, cuinneas - that's why I didn't mention it. I thought it was safer for all involved.
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    Steelers Supa Bowl Champs!!!

    That PennyArcade thing was so me last week - except I went for the more direct approach... This is us out at lunch on Superbowl Sunday: Scene opens with Andy and Amanda at a restaraunt, looking over menus and waiting for the waitress. Waitress enters, wearing white T-shirt with blue and...
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    The Movies?

    I have it - it's pretty fun. A lot of it (especially early on) is sort of sim-city-ish. You're building up a movie studio - so placing buildings and sidewalks, etc. Once you get a particular type of script writing office, you can write custom movies. The way this works is there are different...
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    I thought it was talking about Chewie the Cat's livejournal page. Now I'm really disappointed too.
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    I bought an N64. Yay me!

    Please don't play Zelda on the GC - unless you have a special N64 controller that will plug into the gamecube. The collectors edition was crap with the GC controller, I thought.
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    Your picks for the next President.

    Can we make the US a parlimentary monarchy, like England and have Alex be our King (he just looks so damn handsome with that jeweled crown on his head)? Also, Chikezie could be the PM and kick the crap out of anyone who argues with our policies in the house of commons - with one boxing glove...
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    Your picks for the next President.

    I'm thinking Beth would be better qualified for the sartorial advisor, being into cosplay and all. I could...Um..... Fly air force 1 - I had one introductory flight class (plus I'd force you to make a rule saying I could use the jet to go on vacation whenever I wanted, spending the taxpayers'...
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    Your Place or Mine? The AC Hook-up Lounge.

    He's like a social paraiah - when he's in your town, you can't get other people in. It's lame.
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    Your Place or Mine? The AC Hook-up Lounge.

    Whatever, GT - you know you want some...