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    Our are mobiles ruining the mobile gaming industry?

    Competition is recommended in every field gaming inclusive. Mobile gaming has made PC game companies to be extra creative to catch up with the competition. Some PC games can't be compared to mobile games and vice versa.
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    Angry Birds.

    Angry birds is one of the best games. One is never satisfied since you find yourself waiting to unlock the next stage. I find those blocks heavy to knock away but they are encouraging to tackle. Projection of the birds is also interesting.
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    do you pay for games

    Most new games are not free. They become free after they have been around for a while. Yes I can pay for new good games. I can't wait to play new games at whatever cost. Gaming makes me refresh my mind after a long day work.
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    on your own?

    One can play online games cheaply or for free. I like it since I can play against a large online audience. You get more options and more suggestions for new games. You can also compete for money or just for fun, making online games a good choice.
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    What is your favourite type of game?

    I find racing more interesting than any other games. Maybe it is because I like driving. It has less rules and it is less technical to master. I like racing during my free time.