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Flew A Little Too Close To The Sun


Nyx Quest is the story of a goddess that loses contact with her friend, Icarus, and has to travel to the human world to figure out why. Mixing half action adventure, half puzzle game, an interesting art style and a low price, Nyx had a lot of things going for it. Unfortunately, there is some quality loss.

The main problem with the game is that the first time it starts to present any real challenge to the player, everything sort of comes apart at the seams. The physics pretty much feel free to do whatever they want, so when a puzzle requires moving a block –as many of them do– it swings around like a drunken college student looking for a fight. This wouldn’t be so bad if the main character wasn’t seemingly allergic to touching sand, which is everywhere in every level, causing them to fall and take damage and possibly die as a result of the finicky environments. Don’t worry though; landing on safe ground can still damage the character– just because.

At the best moments of the game only invoke memories of better games that did something rather similar to it. And when the difficult ramps up because of floaty controls, things start to get frustrating.

Nyx Quest is out on both the PC and Wii Ware, and is about 10 dollars on both platforms. While the asking price is rather low it is still about five times higher than it needed to be. While Nyx doesn’t ever manage to do anything truly offensive during the course of play, most of the time invested would probably be used better somewhere else.

Not As Good As: Most other games
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