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Final Fantasy VII 1997 ToysRus pre-order bonus t-shirt w/coupon postcard

Final Fantasy VII shirt ToysRus

In summer 1997, I got a postcard in the mail from ToysRus with a coupon pre-order bonus incentive. By pre-ordering Final Fantasy VII with a $7 deposit, buyers could earn a free t-shirt upon picking up the game on launch day in September 1997. So that is what I did. I pre-ordered the game for $7 then returned with that postcard, paid the remaining balance, and got my t-shirt. Oh yeah, I mean, you know, its what the ladies like…

Since that day, this shirt has been sitting in my closet. As I was doing some cleaning, I found it, realized it is rather collectable and sells for a lot on eBay these days, and wanted to make a quick, simple video about this forgotten bonus incentive.

Back in the day, this was a big deal as the concept of pre-ordering a game with a deposit was still sort of new. At least, you didn’t see too many bonuses like this.

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