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Fairune Vita (and PSTV) Review

Fairune Vita

Now On Sony’s Handheld

Originally released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop at the end of 2014 via Circle Entertainment and Skipmore, Fairune, a sleeper hit gem, has been ported to Playstation’s Vita thanks to QubicGames. For more on Fairune, check out my review of the 3DS version as everything there still holds true for this Vita version as it is the exact same game with a couple cosmetic differences.

Updated interface – everything is now on one screen

The Vita obviously does not have two screens like the 3DS so the user interface has been modified to accommodate this change.  Instead, everything is now accessible through the Vita’s single screen and makes smart use of the different aspect ratio.  The left side of the screen houses the actual gameplay whereas the right side of the screen contains the map, item listing, and an unnecessary but super adorable animated sprite of the main character. I am sure the developers could have extended the main gameplay screen to the entire width of the Vita’s screen but switching back and forth to the map and item screens would have been a hassle. Everything is right there and easy to read.

The map will switch from over world to under world accordingly.

I love Fairune and its sequel so couldn’t help but smile when QubicGames informed me of a Vita port of the original game. However, I wasn’t just excited to see this game appear on Sony’s portable platform; I was excited because now I can play this Zelda-like adventure on my big screen through the Playstation TV console.  While the game totally works on the 3DS and on Vita, I can’t help but feel this game is best played on a big screen with quality speakers. The charming and vivid 8-bit visuals and hauntingly good soundtrack just makes a different statement than the handheld counterparts. It looks and plays so well on a high definition big screen.

Use items wisely

Do yourself a favor and download Fairune. The simplified gameplay, the thrill of exploration, the excitement of finding secrets and hidden pathways, the bright and well animated 8-bit visuals and creative soundtrack is a steal for the asking price of just a few dollars. The addicting quest can be completed in one sitting and this game does have Trophy support, a one-up over the original 3DS version, but playing on the PS TV is the way to go. Now if I can only have the developers send me the “get-item” sound effect so I can set it on my phone as my incoming text message indication (this sound effect alone rivals the Zelda “dah-dah-dah-dahhhh” treasure chest sound effect).

The breadcrumb trail is just enough to lead the player.

If You Can’t Play This Version: at least download the free iOS version
Better Than: many other indie games
Wait For it: Fairune 2 on Vita/PS4/Xbox One

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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