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Everest has forever been a quest that some view as a life-log calling…are you one? Bone chilling cold and horrid mountain conditions are just a few of the challenges Everest has in store for you. A rare blend of simulation and action adventure, Everest will take you on a journey to the ultimate goal!

* Manage every aspect of a real Everest expedition from base camp to summit!

* Survive topographically-true terrain. Ice beds. Avalanches. Ice falls. And more! Plus all the real-life treacherous weather conditions Everest is known for!

* Fully customize your climber from a wide selection of state-of-the-art mountaineering equipment and outfits.

* Carefully monitor the health and progress of each climber to prevent fatigue and even death!

* Experience easy-to-learn but hard to master gameplay in a totally authentic 3D environment.

* Receive expert climbing tips and advice from world famous master-climber, Ed Viesturs.

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