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Echogear Dual Monitor Desk Mount with Dynamic Gas Spring Adjustment (Hardware) Review

EchoGear dual monitor mount

The EchoGear Dual Monitor Mounts are exactly as they are described on the website, which is probably the first time any reviewer has every honestly said that statement and meant every word of it.  They are an adjustable arm for two monitors that frees up a ton of space directly underneath said screens.  They are easy to install, well built, and something I am pretty sure my wife is going to steal from me for her home office.  Honestly, the only problems encountered with the product were self-induced.

Mainly the issue was that on opening the box it seemed entirely more complicated to assemble than it really was, which if I had even read the instructions I would have realized as they pretty much make fun of that fact.  While the instructions themselves are good natured in the beginning, and the entire construction time (with mounting of monitors on desk and everything) was about half an hour, they could have been streamlined more.  It might be that at every step I manage to second guess myself if I am using the correct screw, but I like it when every item included in extremely well labeled.  This said, I cannot complain too much as it took considerably less than an hour and the monitors have not moved since installed (save, of course, for when I move them to strange and new positions).

The arms themselves are made out of extremely heavy duty metal.  This is the kind of metal that one would look for in a zombie apocalypse to form a weapon from.  The springs themselves feel like they were designed for some unknown industrial purpose, instead of holding up light weight monitors. The only issue comes when unpacking as one of the springs was fully loosened and when the cellophane was taken off it almost jumped out of my hand (the second one didn’t have this problem, as it was adjusted to normal tightness.  But it was frightening opening it for the fear it might do the same), it left no doubt that the people who designed this product were serious about monitor stands.

There was/is an adjustment time to get used to the stand as well.  My desk is very cluttered with objects and moving any one thing felt strange, let alone freeing up a chunk of retail space.  Oddly enough it isn’t something that is just installed and instantly understood, as most of the time monitors are stationary objects.  But after about a week, the prospect of being able to move a monitor to get a cable, move one to the side for a better view or to show my wife something started to sink in.  It wasn’t something that is just there right away.

I don’t know that I would call the dual arm rig the ultimate gaming set up, as I am sure that one day there will be a triple arm rig where that award will need to be presented.  But for the moment this is a great finishing point for anyone who is happy with their current build and setup.  This is literally the next step to taken when building a computer to finishing the ultimate battlestation.  Once the tower has been built, and the monitors have been gathered, this is the mount that needs to be bought.


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