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EA and iVillage band together to bring a collection of games for women.


Electronic Arts, a company that all of us know very well, and iVillage, which for those of you who don't know is a division of NBC and a website aimed exclusively at women, have come together to make a Games Channel that will be added onto iVillage's website and will be powered by EA's, which is already favored the best with women 25-54, this channel will allow women all across this country to stop whatever they are doing to get what we all need in these all too stressful times: enjoyment. How will this be accomplished? Well, very simply..there will be a number of enjoyable games featured on the site such as [i]Poppit![/i], [i]First Class Solitaire[/i], [i]Word Whomp![/i], [i]Hearts[/i], and [i]Spades[/i]. All of these games, which are made possible by Club Pogo, can be accessed at Pogo, incidentally, is the According to ComScore Mediatrix, which is a tool used for market analysis, 39% of women who surf the net take some time out of their day to play games and those that do play games spend 83M hours at it.

Nancy Smith, the Executive Vice President of Pogo, offered these words on this joint venture: "We couldn't be happier to be teaming up with iVillage. Not only do we share an audience demographic, but we share a passion for women's issues and a belief that interactive entertainment is a great way to stay connected, stay sharp and keep a healthy mind. This relationship will allow us to reach even more women than ever before." The representative from iVillage, Chief Operating Officer Ezra Kucharz, had a statement to offer as well: "The number of women playing games online has clearly exploded and, as the leading destination for women online, we knew it was time for us to carve out a space where our members could play to their heart's content. Pogo is the biggest player in the industry and the perfect partner for us as we dive into gaming.”

You can get more information on this visit There will be game nights, featured monthly, where players can interact with each other, and visitors to the side will also be given passes that will be good for a two week playing period free at Club Pogo.

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