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E3: Star Fox DS announced

1778asylum boy

Star Fox, the way we liked him most: Piloting an Arwing and blasting through space.


Nintendo announced today the newest title in the Star Fox series, [i]Star Fox DS[/i]. This title promises to go back to the original space shooter style of play as the first title, only now, players will have more strategic control over the action. Using the touch screen, players will be tasked with charting courses for themselves and wingmen to take as they capture territory and bases across the map.


In addition to the classic Arwing, there are also several other ships you can choose between, each with their own weapons, abilities and special maneuvers.


Multiplayer options include up to eight player dogfights over local wireless connection, or up to four players over a Wi-Fi connection.


This and more information about Nintendo's DS lineup are available on Nintendo's newly opened E3 web site,


In addition, Stay tuned to MyGamer for the rest of your DS news during E3 Week.

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